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JusJoJan 9 – Power Outage Paranoia


It was 5:37pm last night. I had just finished my dinner and settled Alex in front of the computer. I breezed into the kitchen to retrieve a glass of wine (because that’s how I move about my house – if I’m not breezing, I’m flitting. Unless I’m tired, in which case I trudge) when the lights flickered and …poof!

I said a bad word. Then I put my wine glass down on the counter and went back to get a screaming Alex out of the computer room. (Yes, I have a computer room. It used to be a bedroom, but six bedrooms seemed to be overkill.)

After I felt around for the barbecue lighter in the cupboard, and lit a couple of candles, I checked out my front window. Exactly what I thought: no rain, no snow, no wind … no reason for a power outage. But there I was on a dark street but for the soft glow shining through my neighbour’s curtains – they too had lit candles.

When I looked out my back window on the other hand, my back door neighbour’s house was lit up like a Christmas tree. I could see them looking out of their back window and I could imagine them saying, Oh look, that entire street is out of power! Then they probably poured themselves a nice steaming cup of coffee from their electrically charged coffeemaker and proceeded to laugh at my powerless plight.

Meanwhile, Alex was getting restless. You should have played a game with him! you’re all saying to yourselves. But I had other fish to fry. Or would have, had my stove been working. My cell phone was fully functional however. My next door neighbour seemed to be in a panic, texting me things like OMG and The power’s out! I asked her if she was okay, and if she’d like to come over but she assured me she was fine. Oddly enough, she texted me for the entire hour and a half that the power was out and then abandoned me to other pursuits as soon as it came back on. (If you’re reading this, Nancy, you’re the best neighbour I’ve ever had! Let’s do coffee soon!)

Forgotten by Nancy, I found my other son, Chris emerging from his room where had surely been shivering under the covers – he hates the dark. He announced that although the lights were back on, he would forgo his shower and take it in the morning instead.

You never know when the power’s going to go out, after all.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

13 thoughts on “JusJoJan 9 – Power Outage Paranoia

  1. We went through that for years. There were outages because of hurricane weather and there were outages thanks to snow storms, you could depend on it, and every time the conversation was the same, ‘ we need a generator, blah, blah, bla…” It was almost fun back in the day. Upstairs there was a gas stove so we could cook and have coffee. The living room had a fireplace we’d huddle around if we needed heat. The phones were part of a different universe so if the lines weren’t down, appropriate calls were made to the electric company. We’d go to our rooms and read by candlelight if we were so inclined. It was years after I’d left they finally got one. Now come what my, electricity rules.

    Breezing, flitting or trudging… I like them all. When my son was small and would call to me several times in the night to be sure I was still there and I’d get up each time to reassure him, sometimes I could barely open my eyes, I’d describe that as stumbling and staggering. My body was on auto-pilot but the rest of me hadn’t caught up.


    • Yes, the middle of the night calls are the bane of my existence. I’m still dealing with them after almost 20 years – it is 20 if you include the frequent trips to the toilet when I was pregnant with my oldest. I’m sure I’m not awake for them half the time.

      I sooo miss my gas stove! I will have one again one day. Mark my words!


  2. We seem to be the side of the road with better power. We do not laugh at the powerless, but instead offer to call, or look up online how the power re-connection is going. We may or may not do this with cups of electronically brewed coffee. Heh.
    I hate outages, particularly in this weather. I’ve no desire to freeze to death over a game of Pictureka!


    • I actually don’t mind an hour or two of power outage, as long as the kids aren’t home. If I didn’t lack the willpower, I’d shut everything off when they’re away, but alas, I am weak.


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  4. You had enough to do yesterday, I see. Good it went back.


  5. I hate power cuts too!!


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