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Reasons why I should not work remotely

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Such an entertaining read. I had to share it. I think we’ve all been there.

Because reasons


Nothing makes you feel more like a grown up than doing more than one load of laundry.

And not because there was too much of it, like when you turn your laziness into an experiment to see how much underwear you actually have.

(2 weeks’ worth.)

I separated, that’s right, SEPARATED my laundry into colours, black & white and other things that are too high maintenance for a washing machine. I read the little labels that come on clothes. Apparently those annoying scratchy tags of Itch have a lot of information – I did not realise that when I buy a shirt it actually comes with instructions on the maintenance of it. Like I’ve just bought a cat or microwave.

There are temperatures and not all of them can even go in a washing machine – this was a revelation to me. This from a person who buys clothes that…

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