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Missing – #SoCS


I’m cold. I miss the warmer weather. Funny, I remember missing the colder weather when it was hot outside. Those of us who enjoy spring and fall spend most of the year in a state of discontentedness.  (Why is that not a word, spellcheck?) Discontent. That’s better.

When I came up with this prompt I was thinking about how Paul Curran went missing online. It’s very easy to just up and disappear from the internet. Much easier than it is, say, to go missing from home. When you go missing from home you’ve got to find somewhere else to go. I know – I try to go missing often. Not that I want to worry anyone, but it seems the only way I can get any writing done. So I go out, to restaurants and coffee shops. But then I have to buy something. Going missing can be very expensive. And fattening too. Potentially.

It’s hard to dismiss thoughts of one who has gone missing. You might wonder where they are, how they’re doing, whether or not they’re thinking of you. And waiting – oh waiting for someone to come home is the worst, isn’t it? Even if you know where they are and that they’re on their way. I suppose it’s much easier to know such things in this age, with cell phones. Way way back when I was a girl ( 😛 ) and there were no such things as portable phones, waiting was insufferable. If someone wasn’t at home there was no way to reach them. Back then you didn’t know if they’d gone missing or not until they showed up.

My grammar sucks sometimes when I write stream of consciousness… it’s positively gone missing.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

7 thoughts on “Missing – #SoCS

  1. Well done, Linda.

    You are so right about not being able to not think about someone who is missing.


  2. Very nice Linda , most of the time we are spending waiting for something or somebody. who knows maybe one day we will be able cu communicate telepathic and not worry about waiting .


  3. Expensive and fattening.
    I never thought about going missing like that, but you’re right. That’s the worst.


  4. And to continue the stream lol…have you seen he BBC tv show The Missing? It’s great!


  5. Sassy’s bus driver had her baby last week, so this week I spent a lot of time wondering if my child had gone missing. One day, as I waited, a car drove up and dropped my child off. The sub had failed to stop at her stop, so Sassy went to a friend’s house where she knew the mom would drive her home. >.< Waiting is the worst!


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