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One-Liner Wednesday – A deal that makes no sense


In Wal-Mart the other day, I was looking at printer ink when I came across an HP printer for $39.97 – almost $2 less than the cost of the ink that comes with it. I was tempted to buy two.

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56 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – A deal that makes no sense

  1. The wonderful life of retail 😉


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  3. It’s similar to Amazon selling the Kindle for a low price and counting on us buying tons of book. I showed them…not.


  4. I think bull semen is the most expensive fluid you can buy (but it would make the pages stick together on your manuscript).


  5. I have actually done that. Kept buying a cheap printer instead of the ink. I would donate the “old” printer each time. Didn’t make sense to me but it was considerably cheaper – so when in Rome…


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  10. When Gillette started selling blades for safety razors, they would give the razor away, figuring they would make a fortune on blades. I think H-P is doing the same thing; Mary just bought ink for our printer that cost more than the printer did…


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  13. And that is exactly why we stopped owning an HP and started buying ink off the internet. The prices are outrageous.


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  15. That’s just nuts! But now I understand thanks to Paul’s explanation. *smdh*


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  19. I had seen something the other day that broke down the cost of other liquids (per gallon) compared to gasoline. If I remember correctly, printer ink runs about $500.00 a gallon. Why don’t they just give printers away for free?


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  21. We hardly ever buy ink! We put stuff on thumb drives, print them elsewhere 90% of the time. It’s much cheaper. Makes me wonder what kinda deals the libraries, schools, and universities get, to charge me only a quarter a page?


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  23. Kodak ink is always cheapest, I’ve found. I very nearly bought a wireless, mobile device printer for £30, but I resisted the temptation.


  24. It is insane how much we pay for ink. My daughter says it is the most expensive fluid on earth!

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  25. Tell me about it! Drives me nuts – I have to take the empty box to the shop to make sure I get the right one.


  26. Ahhh, the old printer trick eh? You might not believe this but we actually studied that in B-school – how and why they do that weird pricing thingy. It turns out that printer technology (the dot matrix and line printers) have become so ubiquitous that there are no longer any proprietary elements – which basically means they have become a commodity – a good or service that is only distinguishable from the competition by price. So the mfg sell them for the absolute minimum price. The ink has become the differentiator between species of printer. So they make the ink better and better and more expensive and make enough profit to support their printer business. The printers do NOT come with a “normal” ink cartridge – it is either a miniature mutation of the real thing or a real cartridge with just a bit of ink in each color. Either way the ink that comes with the printer is worth only pennies. If you buy a new printer, you might as well by an ink cartridge too because you will need one within days. There’s thousands and thousands of them – all different cartridges and colors.

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