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Twitter is Bizarre


I just had some random, young buxom blond on Twitter put me on her “delicious” list. I swear to God, no one on Twitter has tasted me. That I know of.

I find it interesting when celebrities follow me. Most of the time, if I follow them back, they unfollow me. It’s how they get the high numbers. So I don’t follow them but I keep them on my radar to see how long they’ll hang on. So far I’ve had the group, Foreigner, Kim Mitchell, Taye Diggs (I think he follows everyone), Braxton Cosby (Bill’s nephew), and the woman who voices Siri, among others attach themselves to my feed. Oh, and Sigmund Freud, but I don’t think it was really him.

There are some seriously weird attention-graspers over on Twitter.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

21 thoughts on “Twitter is Bizarre

  1. I have to admit, I don’t “get” Twitter. Seems to weird to me.


  2. Hilarious! It sounds like we have a few of the same celeb followers. Does this make us important? LOL. Seriously, why would they stop following you just cause you followed back if they need the numbers though? Oh, and gratefully I can say I’m not on any delicious list that I know of. LOL, great post Linda. 🙂


  3. Yeah, there are some weird ones sometimes. I’ve at one point had Thomas Jefferson, Professor Snape, and Voldemort follow me. I also have the show Legends of Tomorrow following me. And for some reason, two different “sexy women pics” and a couple for free samples of Lay’s and Oreos.


  4. Siri lady follows me too and it still baffles me.

    I was followed for one day by the guy who played Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story. I guess he unfollowed me because I didn’t say uncle? I don’t know how these things work.


  5. I must be boring on Twitter. Celebrities don’t follow me – maybe an occasional aspiring band? And as far as I know, I’m not on anyone’s “list” as far as I know, except perhaps that of a politician (or two). I suspect that any “politicians” following me are just people who work for the campaign, though.


  6. I am on some interesting lists, too. C’mere…I wanna see what you smell like. 😉

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  7. Ha Ha Ha! Me, I have porn blogs follow me on Tumbler! Beats me why…..unless it’s because of Sakurai Atsushi


  8. Gee, the only people who follow me want to sell me eight million Twitter followers for $59.95…


  9. I am so hurt. Taye hasn’t followed me. What’s wrong with me? Who am I — Adele Dazeem?

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  10. I do’t twit actually. Ha!


  11. Twitter can be so spammy sometimes, but it has its purpose. I am nearing the 500 mark, but just can’t seem to reach it.
    I think, if any dead famous people were to still be alive, somehow, Twitter is where they would show their hand as to still being alive.


  12. I have been having scantily clad young women follow me the last few weeks saying things that are obviously directed to the opposite sex. Thanks for letting me know what the drill is. I wasn’t going to follow them of course but now I will just wait them out.


  13. LOL! Very funny. I cannot twitter, my hip waders are just not thick enough. One needs a strong stomach and a full body condom to wade through all that bovine poo.

    I am jealous however. No one has ever called me delicious. Well, at least not on the internet. 🙂


  14. It’s like people slapping handbills on your forehead, I agree. Still, over a lng time I’ve found it a great way to connect with other movie reviewers. There’s a really big nich on Twitter of those. It’s fun to go down my following list and read about films I’ve seen or want to see. Blogs are great but integrating Twitter with blogs gives me a lot of fun stuff to do!


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