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One-Liner Wednesday – “Take a break,” they said.

When I remembered I hadn’t scheduled my One-Liner Wednesday, I was watching the clock tick over from 1:19am to 1:20. I felt guilty for about five minutes, and I actually considered getting up and doing it, even though my alarm … Continue reading


One-Liner Wednesday – Will Ferguson – you should read his books

“Many Canadian nationalists harbour the bizarre fear that should we ever reject royalty, we would instantly mutate into Americans, as though the Canadian sense of self is so frail and delicate a bud, that the only thing stopping it from … Continue reading


One-Liner Wednesday – Spring is sprung

Spring is sprung The grass is riz I wonder where the birdies is? Oh, here they is!   If you would like to participate in this prompt, feel free to use the “One-Liner Wednesday” title in your post, and if … Continue reading


One-Liner Wednesday – I take it back

Dear Jane, I take it back. Apparently your redundancy was still not good enough for someone. Love, An editor who stands corrected. Photo: A new bag of Janes’ brand frozen chicken nuggets on which is printed “Raw Uncooked Poultry.” The … Continue reading


One-Liner Wednesday – Duck!

Photo: Mallard ducks on a frozen pond. VILLAGER #1: If… she… weighs the same as a duck.. she’s made of wood. BEDEVERE: And therefore? VILLAGER #1: A witch! ~”Monty Python and the Holy Grail” If you would like to participate … Continue reading