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Just Jot It January Prompts

I still need four more single words to prompt me for the month of January. The spots for the 26th, 28th, 29th, and 31st are still open so please click here now and leave me a word. Just make sure you read the post first, so you enter your word correctly. If you get there fast, there’s a link to your blog in it!

Edit: All the spots are filled up! Thanks to everyone who contributed to my prompts. I look forward to seeing what I make of them when the time comes.

P.S. Watch for the Just Jot It January Rules Post on December 31st. It’s gonna be fun!


Tuesday Smorgasbord

I was incensed to discover that none of the stores in the town I moved to sell the Lotus incense I love to have in my house. So for the last six years I’ve been tempted to order it straight from the manufacturer in India. It really is wonderful stuff. To, or not to? I think I just might.

This post is part of Tuesday Use It In A Sentence: where MLW posted “incense” as the word of the week, and To Or Not To Tuesday: where Deborah makes some very valid points about New Year’s Resolutions. Check them both out and join in today!