Life in progress

Do you ever?


Do you ever feel like momentum is the only thing that’s keeping you from collapsing?

Do you ever wonder if you’ll ever get out of the hole you’ve unwittingly dug for yourself?

Do you ever make lemonade out of lemons and then think, “This shit is fattening! I’m not drinking this!”

Do you ever have a moment when you figure life can’t get any better, and then realize it’s all downhill from here?

Do you ever wonder if you should hit that damned publish button?

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

37 thoughts on “Do you ever?

  1. Goes like this for me….. ‘I’ve spent —- minutes typing this out, not going to see that time going to waste’- zap!!…..(and then 10 seconds afterwards I think ‘ooh shoulda I dun that?’)
    Writer’s angst- you gotta love.


  2. Yes. Yes. No not yet at least. Yes. And yes. Marianne


  3. Every damn day….


  4. Sorry to be a geek, but momentum requires mass and speed. Fattening things “improve” mass. Therefore…


  5. Nope.
    What is this “fattening” of which you speak?
    All the time.
    Nope, never.


  6. Yes, felt like that yesterday. Was a very shitty day.
    Sometimes the hole looks very cozy and comfortable and ‘known’ when compared to the place outside of it.
    Nope… That is why I don’t try to diet.
    Wouldn’t know because it has never been any better. It is always a work in progress. Or may be it is just me …whatever!
    This is one thing I never think about. I always hit the publish button.


  7. sometimes the only momentum is gravity


  8. With every post I write, I struggle with whether I should hit the publish button – or the delete button. But then I realize if I hit the delete button, I’ll just have to come up with a different post idea, and that’s getting harder and harder – so I just publish everything and let the readers suffer along with me.

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  9. Yep right now actually…I have community service on one ticket and missed the court date on another and the brakes seized(or the hub?)…idk…but this post straight on…but hey at least I’m not a starving crack baby abandoned in a 3rd world garbage dump…right? That’s worse huh?


  10. Yes. A lot this year…it has been one of many ups and downs with lots of complications on the extended family front. We’ve all been there and are probably just waiting to be there again. Sigh. But you know what? Fuck it. Just dig in and find things to laugh about. Whatever it is….you’ll pull through.


  11. Been there, done that…forgot the t-shirt.


  12. I sent you an email in response……

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  13. Yeah, we all have that. It’s awful. Keep goin, the happy will come around again. ❀


  14. yep…. i always wonder if i should hit that publish button…. but then my wtf go for it button takes over and it’s damn the torpedoes … full speed ahead lol


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