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#ThursdayDoors – A Train and a Station


I absolutely adore train stations. I’m not sure why – perhaps I traveled by train often in another life. Anyhow, one of my favourite places to visit (as you may already know) is Kingston, Ontario, and downtown there is an out-of-commission station, now used as a tourist shop and information booth.

The doors, in my opinion, are spectacular. Please click on the images for a closer look.

And finally, behind the train station there’s an old engine sitting on an unused length of track. I tried to take a picture of its door, but it’s kind of squashed in where you can’t see it well.

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Author: LindaGHill

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15 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors – A Train and a Station

  1. Loved seeing your door gallery, Linda. That secret door looks so intriguing. Maybe used to get away from the Paparazzi. 🙂


  2. I love anything to do with trains, train stations included. In NYC I grew up with Grand Central — a stunning work of art from top to bottom. I am lucky that now I have Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles, beautiful too, in a different way. Very artistic both of them. Both with wonderful restaurants. Any excuse to be at either of them and I jump at the chance. Love your photos here, Linda. xo


  3. I’m with Norm: the back door and the secret one are my favorites as well.



  4. We seem to be syncing — I did a train station, too. But not as lovely as your shots of the one in Kingston.
    I love your trips to Kingston — I get to be nostalgic.


  5. Train stations are where important, romantic scenes take place in so many classic movies. That secret door to the basement must have some good stories.

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  6. Nice one Linda. That is a lovely building. The back door is my fave along with that secret side door 🙂


  7. Wow! Linda, was this especially designed to make me happy? I love trains, train stations, door and I love that you included the architectural details of the station.


  8. absolutely charming! Does make me want to visit Ontario and feast my eyes upon these doors!


  9. I like that little secret door. Wonder what it leads too.


  10. beautiful selection of train stations


  11. Charming. And the red phone booth…a nice touch. ☺


  12. Oh, how delightful! I too love trains and train stations. Very romantic. I ride trains whenever I can. There’s an old steam train in Oregon that runs along the beach and it has a balcony, so you can sit on top of the train and feel the wind.


  13. Train stations are wonderful. Great pics Linda!


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