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#ThursdayDoors – Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto


On Tuesday, my son, Christopher, and I went to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

It’s a yearly excursion for us. This year’s special exhibition featured the art of Dale Chihuly.

The pictures really don’t do the art justice. If you ever have a chance to see Chihuly’s work firsthand, go.

Thursday Doors is a prompt by the fabulous Norman Frampton. Click the following link to go to his post for this week and see how you, too, can join in!

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26 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors – Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

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  2. Love the ROM – good choice!
    And that Chihuly exhibit is amazing. It has been touring North America for a few years now; I don’t know how they transport all of that fragile stuff from city to city without breaking anything 😀


  3. Love these doors. I have some favorites, but comments never let us viewers add pictures. Sometime, in the future…


  4. In the tasting room at the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, there is a Chihuly display in the ceiling lit from above, almost exactly like the one you pictured here. When we visited, I thought it was pretty amazing!


  5. I LOVE Dale Chihuly’s work–every piece is gorgeous. And just a bit of trivia–I enjoy jigsaw puzzles very much, and I recently purchased one that was all “doors”–a very pretty challenge 🙂


  6. There is a big Chihuly collection at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Very distinctive work–there’s nothing else quite like it.

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  7. I love the massive wood doors, Linda. What a great trip for you and your son.


  8. These chandeliers are Fabulous.


  9. This is just a lovely post, lovely that you went with your son and the photos of doors are great and the exhibits are spectacular! Phew I was so excited I forgot punctuation !! xxx


  10. Lovely. Big sturdy doors on a museum — how it should be!
    I need to write my piece on Chihuly.


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