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Vote Here for the 2019-2020 SoCS Badge


Voting day is finally here! We have ten designs to choose from–two contestants didn’t make it. I tried to let them know there was a problem, but they didn’t get back to me by the deadline. Maybe next time!

I have a feeling the race for our new Stream of Consciousness Saturday Badge going to be really close.

The winner will have his or her badge displayed both here and all around the Internet by whomever participates in the weekly SoCS prompt.

Before we get started, I’d like to say one last huge thanks to Pamela for our 2018-2019 badge.

We’re going to miss it!

So here we go. The links below will take you to the contestant’s sites, to the posts on which their badges are displayed. Please make sure you have a look at all of them before you vote! I’ll give each a descriptive name which you’ll find both with the link and on the poll for easier voting. I’m not going to vote unless there’s a tie, so it’s all up to you!

Here are the badges in the order they entered the contest:

Barbara, with Notebook

Paula, with Pets

Fandango, with Geese

Pensitivity, with Canoe

Janet, with Rocktober

Wendy, with Signpost

JoAnna, with Babbling brook

Willow, with Waterfall

Jill, with Flowers

Shelley, with Drops of water

Thanks again to all the contestants for your awesome badges! Best of luck to all!

The poll will be open for 24 hours–all of Thursday, October 24th, -5GMT. Vote once, vote carefully, and be sure to tell your friends!


Best of luck!


Author: Linda G. Hill

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30 thoughts on “Vote Here for the 2019-2020 SoCS Badge

  1. I voted, just squeaked in on time.

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  3. Voted, they’re all good!

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  4. voted 😊 I bet it’s close!

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  5. Good luck everyone. They’re all terrific.

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  6. Wow! So many great options this year! It was difficult to choose just one.

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  7. Reblogged this on Janet's Smiles and commented:
    Sharing this poll. Vote for the new badge for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. I have an entry along with nine other good ones. Gonna be a close call I think.


  8. Reblogged this on J-Dubs Grin and Bear It and commented:
    Sharing far and wide – Vote!!

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  10. All great entries. Good luck everyone.

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  11. I voted! Lots of great designs – good luck everyone! 🙂

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  12. voted! some very nice many it was difficult to decide.

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  13. Voted. Good luck everyone 💜

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  15. Ahhh how did I miss this!!!


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  17. Voted! So many good designs to choose from!

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  19. Voted, good luck everyone 💜

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  20. Reblogged this on willowdot21 and commented:
    Good luck to everyone in the contest. Have look at the entries and choose the badge you like 💜

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