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Just Jot It January 22nd – Felicity

I always thought the word “felicity” meant easy. And it does, kind of. One of the definitions is, and I quote from Merriam-Webster online, “a pleasing manner or quality especially in art or language,
“an apt expression.”

So it seems to me that it means a way of wording something that makes the something easy to understand. Yes? Yeah, okay. I’m trying to justify myself. Is it working?

The first two definitions of “felicity” from the same source are, “a : the quality or state of being happy; especially : great happiness, b : an instance of happiness,
“something that causes happiness.”

So I suppose it really means happiness.

“Felicity” always reminds me though of an early 2000’s TV show called Felicity. I never watched it. I do recall seeing previews in which a woman (presumably Felicity, played by Keri Russell) seemed to be always in a state of angst. Which would have made the show quite ironic I suppose. I don’t enjoy watching ironic shows – they make my head hurt.

There’s one other thing the word reminds me of – felicitations, meaning best wishes or, as a translation from French, congratulations. I’ve always wondered at people saying congratulations to an individual for turning a year older. But it is indeed the way some say happy birthday. Weird.

The “Felicity” prompt is brought to you by Fun at Simply Me. If you don’t already know her, please head on over and have a read!

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