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It’s our annual Just Jot it January WOOHOO! post!

WOOHOO! January 2023 is finished and we made it!

We jotted all the way through January! It’s all downhill from here, baby! Give me a high five!

But seriously, it was a hectic-as-all-get-out month, for me anyway. But I did better than last year, so that’s something.

Are you going to keep going? Keep up that momentum? If so, I commend you! Writing is important, even if we’re just writing to ourselves. It separates us from our thoughts and helps us see them more clearly. Even if it’s just a shopping list.

And that’s what my prompts are all about, after all.

So let us celebrate! Link your favourite post of the month below, or write your own reflection post and link that.

Here’s the Participant’s badge for 2023. Wear it with pride!