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#NaNoWinner2018 – I did it!

It was a tough race to the finish. I was behind by 13K words coming out of the weekend, but I was fiercely determined to finish my novel by November 30th. I had a week to write 21,461 words.

So I devised a method. In a ten-minute sprint I can write 300 words. If I could just do two of those an hour for the seven hours Alex was at school, getting to 50K by the end of the month would be a piece of cake.

And guess who’s going to the store to buy cake? (And all the groceries I’ve been running out of all week.) ME!!

About an hour ago I finished my sixth novel!!



Just Jot It January – The Badge is Here!

Using my mad paint skills, I drew a badge for everyone who joined me in blogging for Just Jot It January this year! Here, again, is the list of participants:

Margaret (Myas) at A Tragic Lady But No TB.

Willow at Willowdot21

Miss Lou at Miss Lou Aquiring Lore

Bill at The Frisco Kid of Texas

Pamela at Poetry by Pamela.

Cindy at Dreamsinalaska.

Belinda at Idiot Writing.

KG at Books, Music, Photography & Movies

Deborah at Container Chronicles

Susan at Putting in a good word

Randee at A String of Pearls

Congratulations to all! Here’s your badge – let your blog wear it proudly! Just copy it and paste it, like an award, to your page. 🙂

JJJ Part 2014