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To pseud or not to pseud


…that is the question. What’s in a name after all? It’s something by which you are instantly recognized. But which one of you do you want recognized… I think that’s really what it comes down to.

We all have different personas for different occasions. To my children’s teachers I am nothing but a dedicated mother. To my readers, a sage. (Stop laughing.  Oh okay laugh. It was a joke.)  But seriously, I am myself. I am a woman who has never, on a regular basis, worn makeup. What you see with me is what you get. And yet few of the people in my real life understand where my imagination goes.

This post was brought about by the fact that, after a rather questionable fic I wrote last night, I lost a follower on my fiction blog. Whether it was someone who went ‘Ewww, what am I reading?!’ and clicked unfollow or whether it was someone who deleted their blog (a robot perhaps?) I have no idea. But it got me to thinking. My writing covers many different things. I’ve written a children’s book which is currently being illustrated by a friend and most certainly will go out to a publisher under a pseudonym. The stories I tend to enjoy writing however, go from humorous (my Second Seat on the Right series ) to perverted ( Beauty ) to horror (see a short story entitled ‘Reaper’) and of course the psychologically horrific Boy Series on this blog.

I understand that it’s probably important to write under different names for different genres. My biggest concern, however, is protecting those I love from the depths of my imagination, not only for what they would think (I believe they already suspect a great deal anyway – case in point, my eighteen year old son telling me I’m a sick fuck) but also for what the people my kids have to deal with on a daily basis – what are they whispering about mom?

Having been married a number of times I’ve been through a few aliases in my life, to the point where the hardest part of filling out an application form for something was deciding on my surname. My kids don’t even have the same last name as I do, and to this day you wouldn’t find me under Linda Hill in the phone book. But it was the name I was born with and the name I’ve chosen to stick with from now on, no matter what.

Unless I don’t.DSC00191

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

34 thoughts on “To pseud or not to pseud

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  2. Well as you know I am anonymous…but this is a good spot to say how much I value what you have done to connect with me….this is an award to you for being a wonderful reader….thank you.


  3. Linda, I did the same as you. My children have their dad’s last name. I chose my birth name as my forever name, no matter what. (Ever try to find your female heritage of family trees?) 6320
    But a lot of my writing would possibly embarrass my adult children. I don’t know why I should care as one of those said children worked at a sex store for a while. Of course we all know what a sad economy we have and it was a job. Luckily, he has a better, more respectable job now. But as a literature major it still isn’t his line of work.

    In my latest writing, I not only got a little dirty, I started writing in more suspense into my work, not just erotica. And it was Stephen King’s name that kept coming to mind. He is a respectable author. He isn’t in jail for his thoughts in writing. Our imaginations and writing should be accepted the same. Still, I’m thinking psued.


    • It’s a really tough decision. I’m sure our kids will still love us regardless, it’s the people who they have to deal with that I have a problem with… or rather I’m afraid they will have a problem with.


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  5. I already use a pseudonym here on WordPress. Because the content of my blog is about my addictions I can’t use my name because I would be fired from my job. It kind of stinks because all of these wonderful people in my WordPress Family don’t even know my real name. Kira is a childhood nickname which helps a little bit. But my last name is so unique that everyone in the US with the last name is related to me. So, pseudonym it is. I would like to publish some of my poems but won’t be under my real name anytime soon!


    • It’s kinda sad when you put it that way. Maybe something to work toward would be coming back to WordPress with your real name, writing under a different set of circumstances…
      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  6. I’ve had the same conversation. I have one blog under my real name (the one responding to you today) where all my more unusual experiences are discussed. It just makes life easier.


  7. This is interesting. I don’t know, I’m using a pseudonym for all my writing things, but in a way it’s still me as I thought about it and I wanted to be something describing me as better as it was possible…My name wouldn’t be easy or handy to deal with in this field. So I thought that it was the best solution, but it’s the only reason why I want to change it.
    There are millions of people who’ll say something about you and even if you hide behind hundred pennames, when they’ll meet you they’ll talk. I suppose they just have nothing to do with their life. I had my experience already. Some of them claimed that I imagine things happening because I have imagination because I’m a writer…I mean what? Still they’re out there!
    You know what? Thanks, you gave me the idea for a post!!!


  8. I’m absolutely on the same page. Planned to use a pseudonym, even came up with one I liked, but I felt a self-important tit using it. I wanted to hide behind it, I suppose — don’t want people knowing what a sad disaster I really am 😉 But I decided to embrace reality.

    On the other hand, my name is fairly common and very similar to an amateur porn star’s, so it’s food for thought.


    • There are worse reasons for wanting to change your name. David Bowie didn’t want to be confused for a Monkee. 😛
      …aaaand, if all else fails, there’s always porn, right? haha


  9. I know several authors that use different names for different authors, so that is a useful path. Truthfully, it’s hard to keep up a pen name in this day of social networking because almost everyone has a digital footprint out there.


  10. I wondered about this as well. I’ve written the perverted piece, but due to where I’m trying to go with my blog, my faith, etc., I had a friend point out such pieces discredits me. Then if I write under a pseudonym (I’ve written one which received 2000 viewers, but not a one of them have any idea who I am and it won’t help me sell any future books) it feels there’s a disconnect anyway.

    In the end, I just like my name too much. It sounds like a writer’s name. The things I don’t want people to know I write, just stopped writing them or write them for a very exclusive audience of close friends.


    • I know what you mean about the feeling of disconnectedness from your work, and that’s what I don’t want. My problem is, the stuff I write has nothing to do with the way I live, and to choose not to write the way I do is to choose not to write at all. It’s a conundrum.


      • Go with your heart, then. 🙂 I know it’s cheesy, but if you feel you’d be compromising you as a writer, don’t. Maybe get a random name generator for those pseudonyms. Good luck either way! I know the struggle of people just assuming because you wrote it you lived it.


  11. I can relate to this post. I have decided to use pseuds for sure and mostly to save my children from the unknown lol


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