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An open letter to the woman who lives behind me (a rant)


Now normally I’m not the vindictive type. I usually just let things go. But before my backdoor neighbour has a chance to move out (which she will any day) I’d love to be able to give her a little present in the form of a song.

Here is my letter:

Dear Natasha,

When I met you and became friends with you we had in common the fact that we both have children. You have six of them, which you repeatedly pointed out were little angels, I have a normal teenager who tends to swear (what teen doesn’t?) an autistic teenager who has tantrums, and a Deaf child who wants to be friends with your kids.

I didn’t really notice there was anything wrong with you until you commented on the fact that you’d traveled all over the world but would never go to a country like Japan because they weren’t Christian there. o_O

After a few weeks of summer break that year, and after having lent you all my DVD’s that teach kids how to speak American Sign Language in a fun way, you gave them back to me, saying that your children weren’t interested in playing with my son (they showed no indications that they felt this way) because of the way he showed his enthusiasm for actually having friends his own age by looking into your back yard and screaming with delight when he saw your kids doing something fun. You then went on to explain to me that I needed to teach him how to behave himself… after all, you didn’t have any problems making your kids behave.

So, Natasha, I leave you with this song. The heathen I am. And a big nakayubi to you.

No love,


To my readers:Β  Please note, when (and if) you listen to this wonderful gem, the chanting at around 2:19. Apart from the fact that I can imagine myself singing along at the top of my lungs exactly the way Sakurai Atsushi belts it out from on top of the table on my deck, my teenaged son and a few of his friends (if I have my way) would be trudging slowly around a bonfire in my back yard, fully cloaked in robes with pointy hoods. Please also note that the lyrics don’t matter. It’s the thought that counts.

Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

10 thoughts on “An open letter to the woman who lives behind me (a rant)

  1. What a horrible woman, no truly what a horrible woman. She needs to teach her kids lessons in manners. Oh this made me mad. And actually, there are a lot of Christians in Japan, she is ignorant and you certainly don`t need her negative energy in your life, or your kids lives. Big hugs.


  2. Uta ga sugooooooooooi! And by the way this lady is just a stupid and evil bigot!


  3. This woman is clearly a ginormous douche-nozzle undeserving of your family’s friendship. Japan is awesome, heathens are awesome, enthusiastic kids are awesome, you are awesome.


  4. What miserable individual she is..


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