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Before I went to Japan I dropped in to my local cell phone provider’s store to inquire about a package deal that would allow me to use my mobile in the event I couldn’t get online while I was away. They were offering a deal that included something like 40 minutes talk time, 150 texts and 20mb of data for $70. I asked what would happen if I wasn’t able to use my phone in Japan and was assured that it wouldn’t be a problem – if I didn’t use the service, the company would refund the $70. What could I possibly lose? So I went for it.

Today I called the company to let them know I hadn’t been able to connect to a wireless provider while I was in Japan and could I please get my money back. No, I was told. There was no way they could refund the money. They don’t do that. So I asked to speak to a manager.

Armed with the fact that I have 6 phones on my plan, and have been with the company for about 20 years, I formulated my response to the next guy I was to talk to while I waited on hold. After five minutes my speech was at the ready. The gentleman who answered was polite – he said he’d check in to the matter, and would I please hold for a moment longer. Eventually he came back and told me that they don’t normally give refunds for travel packages, and the store shouldn’t have told me they do, but he would make an exception for me since I was a long-standing customer and he agreed to remove the $70 charge from my bill.

Now call me suspicious, but I wonder why I had to go through all that. The store told me I could have my money back. Was all the tension-building just a strategy to make me believe that the company is, in fact, wonderful and cause me to tell all my friends to go to them because they are kind and forgiving if you’re loyal?

I smell a rat.

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20 thoughts on “Sneaky Business

  1. I think they have some sort of speech preparation detection device…if you hadn’t prepared a speech they would have been completely evil. 😈. I

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  2. That has got to be Bell. They are assholes. the clerk likely gets recognition for servces sold and wasn’ as aware as they should have been or just lied. I had a data account just for my laptop and one day Bell called to see of they could sell me more services. I told them no and asked to remobe the data account as I was not using it. The chrgae continued and after numerous calls over months they eventually told me that I could only cancel a service by calling the “cancellation”line. When I called the cancellation line thye said the charge would appear one more month as i had to give them 30 days notice for cancellation. I blew up and told them to pull the tapes of all the other calls(it’s all recorded as they warn you), giving times and dates, right back to the first request when I was assured the service would be cancelled and there was no intention to cancel. They got defensive as hell and said I needed a warrant – which made it clear to me that they ahd no intention of addressing this and were in fact making money from it. I asked for the 3 months of charges where no service was used to be credited. They refused. I contemplated suing them but for the 300 or 400 dollars involved it would have been cutting my nose off to spite my face. And of course they know that as well and will continue to screw customers at every turn to make another dollar. Their actual cell service is second to none – as a company they are ignorant, arrogant, abusve to customers, impossible to get correct info from, overbill for services, and treat customers as second class citizens. Of course, I could always stop pussy footing around andtellit like it really is. Ha! Sorry for ranting on your blog Linda.


  3. Oh yeah, I think this all the time. Like when my friend was told that internet without landline wasn’t possible, but it was. Or when Scotchguard wasn’t offered on that piece, but it was by the next clerk. Sales reps are bottom-liners.


  4. In addition to wanting to keep you as a customer, they could probably tell by your speech that you would not go quietly and are quite capable of spreading the word if they did not give you the money back. I think it’s a matter of hoping you will accept no. Good for you, that you didn’t, but it’s too bad we have to work so hard for things like this. Perhaps if we think of it as an opportunity to practice assertiveness? It’s still not right.

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  5. Sales reps will tell u almost anything. I have friends than work with several companies and they have a sales quota that has to be met. If it isn’t they get a write up. After afew write ups,they lose their job. But any sales support will give u your money back. It’s just the retail way.


  6. I bought an international plan before a trip to England. I was promised that it would only show up once on my bill. Three months later I was still trying to get it removed. They agreed to remove it and refund two months when it was time for me to buy a new phone / renew. The sales staff in stores will say almost anything.


  7. Sounds bloody suspicious to me, Linda. Never mind just the one rat; I reckon you were smelling an entire cage full of the blighters. Sounds like a particularly egregious form of ‘salesmanship’ to me, or borderline gaslighting as it’s also known. Well done you for standing up to the rapacious rodents! xxx

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  8. I think they wanted you to be the shy mouse who took the first no and slinked away and they had your 70 bucks, Linda. Good for you standing up for yourself and their first tactic to sell you the plan.


  9. There is always a way to do the right thing. The cell phone companies will start with “no” hoping that we accept the response. Persistence usually pays off with the cell company i have been with since the early days. As for the cable company, they are just plain evil.


  10. There is nothing I hate more than being lied to. It’s like an assumption about my stupidity. Glad you didn’t let them take you for a ride, and held them up to their end of the bargain.


  11. Hmmm they BETTER have given you that money! Lol. Glad you got the situation handled.


  12. Or may be they checked out your profile in that time and realized that 70$ isn’t worth losing a long standing customer with several phones on your plan πŸ™‚

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