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Twitter Glitch for D Day


If you’re participating in the A-Z Challenge, you already know that today is the day for the letter “D.” But did you know that if you use “D is…” in your title and your blog is set up to automatically tweet your post that it doesn’t work?

Try it. Go to Twitter and type a tweet that starts with “D is” without the quotation marks. It will turn your tweet into a message. It’s okay if you type something before the letter D.

Just so you know…

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30 thoughts on “Twitter Glitch for D Day

  1. Is that what the problem was? Today I couldn’t share a WP shortlink of my own no matter how I tried to send it. Technology is fun! 🙂


  2. hmmmm, guess I should go check and see if I had D is in my twitter post this morning.


  3. D is for Glitch?
    Why would “d” and “m” cause this to happen (I’m not that clued up when it comes to Twitter)?


    • I have no idea why “d” would do it, though I suspect “m” is for message…

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      • “D” is the notifier to Twitter that you’re writing a direct message to someone. For instance, if someone started a tweet with: d @bduhon why aren’t you doing the a-z challenge, that message would only be read by me.


      • I think I will never understand Twitter!


        • Nope, me neither. 😛

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          • Think of it as a giant conversation in which anyone can eavesdrop and join in — 140 characters at a time. I find it awesome as a research tool — find people who are good on a topic you’re interested in and follow them and you instantly have a curated reading list without having to resort to Google. Having to confine yourself to 140 characters is also a great way to fine-tune copywriting. My titles and email subject lines got waaaaay stronger after I started using Twitter 5 years ago.

            But, while I like Twitter, I ain’t saying you’ll feel great (or any, really) regret from not using it when on your deathbed.


  4. Another reason I don’t tweet.


  5. Bizarre. Thanks for the tip.


  6. I’m tweet free and proud of it!


  7. I am scared of Twitter……………………. 😦


  8. Just one more reason why I’m glad I didn’t join that challenge. While it was tempting at first, eventually I became Dis-interested in the whole idea.


  9. You would think the D would be ok if it wasn’t followed by a person’s ID.


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