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Response to “Blogging From the Grave”

For all of you who read my post, “Blogging from the Grave,” here’s a response that should have gone into the comments. It’s a must-read.
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The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

Yes – I love the mind and writings of Linda G. Hill – and I started to leave a simple comment to her post, “Blogging from the Grave” –

Truly! I Did Attempt Simple…Short….Comment…..Honest!

Alas, the writing of said comment soon morphed into such size, I could only feel good about myself if I blogged on my own site and didn’t Hijack her Comment area with my own little dysfunctions….

Fair is, After All, Fair….

Someday – I shall learn how to write a comment without compiling an entire blog post  –

Until then, I want my Gold Star for realizing I was waxing eloquent in the space of another and stopped myself prior to hitting the “Send” button for said comment – WHAT?!?

Really?!? There are no gold stars for writing your own posts instead of having a blog in the comments section of other blogs?


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