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The Magician’s Blood by L G Hill #Review #The GreatDagmaru #Paranormal #Romance #Book2o

A lovely review of The Magician’s Blood! Thanks so much, Lisa. 🙂
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Wrong side of forty


Embrace a realm of family secrets…

Herman Anderson, assistant to The Great Dagmaru, returns to her hometown—the first stop on their magic tour. Her family has moved without a trace.

Stephen Dagmar, a powerful stage magician, sets out to live his dream … until Herman’s father makes a prediction and resolves to come between them.

Darkness descends when the reality of the Dagmar’s incubus bloodline surfaces for the first time in over a generation.

And the consequences may be deadly.

A Gothic tale of beauty and intrigue, this sequel to the award-winning novel “The Magician’s Curse” will chill you and leave you breathless for more.

Escape into the twists and turns of this extraordinary romance.

*18+ Contains explicit scenes.

My Review

My first read of 2019 and boy was it a good one!

This is the second in The Great Dagmaru series.

The first book, The Magician’s Curse was…

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It All Depends On How You Ask The Question.

It really does depend. Dog owners will understand.
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I have three dogs. One is a good sized mixed breed who is getting on in years (13). The other two are small breeds who are about two years old. All of the dogs I’ve had through out my life have always stayed (adequate shelter provided) and enjoyed being outside.

With the addition of the two younger dogs, so began a new experience with small breeds who are not as tough when it comes to outside weather elements. With these two I had to invest in a metal crate so that they could be brought into the house during the cold winter months. They aren’t the best trained dogs, but they do alright.

So this morning I let them out for about an hour. They started running to the door and when I went outside they decided to come in. I put them into their crate and they proceeded to…

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January’s Award go to…

I won an award! Thanks to Teresa Grabs for her support of other bloggers, and for creating this wonderful Writer’s Soul Award!
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The Haunted Wordsmith

Last year, I created two awards – The Creative Mind Award and the From the Heart Award – that are given by bloggers to other bloggers with no strings attached, no nominations required, no questions to answer, etc. Many bloggers begin their journey focusing on one theme but succumb to the call of the other side and soon their blogs are filled with posts written from the heart, but also from the creative mind.

In response, I have blended my two awards into one that represents and embodies all the positive aspects of blogging and its community.

January’s recipients are:

Kristian – Tales from the Mind of Kristian

Chris – Luna’s Online

Fandango – This, That, and The Other

Charli – Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Linda – Linda G. Hill

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A Little Technical Assistance For WordPress Users

Have you done this? I have!

The Sound of One Hand Typing

This is for all us WordPress users who reply to their comments from the list that drops down when you click on the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner and look at the list, like this:

You might have noticed that, when you go to answer the comment, it suddenly disappears and ends up in your trash. This happens to me a lot, and I just figured out what does it.

When you click on a comment in the list, you get the whole comment instead of the preview and something that looks like this after it:

You might think, “okay, I can just start typing.” And when you start typing, the comment is replaced by a box that says “Comment trashed” or “comment moved to spam,” along with a place that says “undo,” which usually disappears by the time you notice it.

Here’s the deal: when the comment…

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A TRANSCENDENT Excerpt: “Snooze” by Linda G. Hill

I’m incredibly excited to be included in the new anthology by Transmundane Press. From what I’ve read of the interviews and excerpts so far, TRANSENDENT is going to be an amazing read.
Check out the excerpt of “Snooze”! Available soon. 😀

Transmundane Press

“I’ve never been much of a dreamer.”

No, I can’t say that. I straightened my tie in the mirror. She’ll assume I’m talking about my hopes for the future.

I couldn’t afford to fuck up this date. At most, I was in a position to have the relationship to end all relationships. At the least, I’d save her life. The tricky part would be not coming across as a nutcase. Something I wasn’t totally convinced of myself.

~~* * *~~

“Jacob?” She approached me with an outstretched hand, and I plastered a surprised look onto my face. The dating site I’d so-called found her through was this newfangled deal where the guy’s photo was visible to the lady, but the woman’s face remained a mystery. They meant to ensure true love or some such crap. That I’d actually managed to choose her provided enough proof that she was the…

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New book on the shelves -The Magician’s Blood: A Paranormal Romance- The Great Dagmaru Book Two by Linda G. Hill

The Magician’s Blood is featured in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore today! Check it out!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Congratulations to award- winning author Linda G. Hill, for the release of the second book in her modern-day Gothic romance series, The Magician’s Blood: A Paranormal Romance- The Great Dagmaru Book Two.

Herman Anderson is in love. Thrilled to travel across Canada with her boyfriend as his assistant onstage, she returns to her hometown—the first stop on the Great Dagmaru magic tour. Anticipating a reunion with her brother, instead she finds her family has moved without a trace.

Stephen Dagmar’s career as a stage magician is taking off. With Herman by his side, his only concern is her father’s dislike for him. But as Herman’s father makes a prediction and resolves to come between them, Stephen’s family curse returns to haunt him.

Darkness descends as the reality of the Dagmar’s incubus bloodline surfaces for the first time in over a generation. Can Herman and Stephen’s relationship survive this new…

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Precognitive and Recurring Dreams by Linda G. Hill

Check out my guest post on Transmundane Press blog. 😀

Transmundane Press

Don’t you just love those wonderful dreams that make you wish you could go back to sleep and continue? You’ve found the love of your life, or you’re in the best place, having the most fun you’ve ever had. You wake up to the alarm and think, “Noooo. Why now?” So you hit the snooze button and sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll return to where you left off.

Then, there are the ones you’re grateful you woke up from. You don’t want to go back to sleep because sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll return to that terrifying or sad dream state.

These latter are the ones I often dream over and over again. Recurring dreams have been the better part of my reality for most of my life. I spent years fighting nightly within the walls of an elevator that had a mind of its own. The doors would open between…

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