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SoCS – Some Respect, WordPress?

I haven’t been online much in the last 12 hours so this might be the dozenth post you’ve read about the subject of the banner pasted at the top of your stats page here on WordPress. If you’re already sick of hearing about it, by all means skip this. I just feel like saying something.

When Canada passed the same law to allow same-sex marriage nationwide ten years ago I was both happy for gay couples and proud of my country. That lasted about five minutes – it’s not a decision that affects me personally. And yet today I’m stuck with a reminder of something that still doesn’t matter to me on a personal level. Yes, it may seem petty to complain but it’s such a non-issue. Fantastic – people who are deserved of rights are given it. Yay! But why should I be forced to be reminded of it? And what about the hundreds of thousands of people who don’t agree?? I can easily see bloggers dropping WordPress like flies over this – where’s the sense, WordPress?

Let’s put it in a bit of perspective, shall we? What if they decided once and for all to abolish abortion nationwide in the U.S.? Would we be forced to look between the legs of women giving birth for the sake of those it desperately matters to? Or if Quebec chose finally to separate from Canada – how would Americans feel about having the Fleur de Lis plastered atop their stats page? It would be, after all, a huge deal to a certain percentage of North America.

To be honest, I go through the same sort of feeling during election time in the U.S., having to scroll past news of who said what about whom on my Facebook page – but at least I can scroll past it. At least the very site I belong to (Facebook) isn’t putting it there themselves. What’s more, I don’t pay to have a site on Facebook as I DO on WordPress.

Get rid of the rainbow, WordPress!

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Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions