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I’d like to know what the hell is going on with Canada Post. I received a notice in my mailbox to let me know they’ve been having trouble delivering my mail of late because of “unsafe access.” Apparently in order for me to get another piece of mail delivered to my house, I have to either install a railing up my stairs or move my mailbox to the bottom of the staircase in question:


Looks dangerous, doesn’t it? It’s approximately six feet wide and in excellent condition… in the 67 years my house has stood the mailman has managed, somehow, to navigate my stairs safely. Even in the winter – imagine that! But now, as of yesterday, it has been deemed unsafe.

On top of this–in my opinion–unreasonable demand, I’m told that if I don’t fix the “problem” they will deliver my mail to a depot across town and charge me for the service.

I priced a new set of railings a few years back and was astounded to find the company I contacted wanted somewhere in the vicinity of $5,000 to install a new set of iron railings. Tomorrow I’m nailing a mailbox to my hedge. And if I do eventually get the railings put in you can bet I’ll be staking out the front of my house every day… and the first time I catch the mailman going up the stairs without holding on, I’ll be sending a bill for $5,000 to Canada Post.

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24 thoughts on “SoCS – Post

  1. Lot’s of good advice here. I’ll just say I liked the tie in to the prompt.


  2. The estimate for the railing sounds extreme. I would think you could get a simple iron railing installed for 1/10 of that price. I do understand why a railing is required, but not at that price.


  3. Reminds me of what I named a nasty postcard from the mail service a few winters ago. In our housing development, the mailboxes are at the street so the mailman just drives his vehicle along the road and places the mail in the box without getting out. This particular day, due to a tremendous snow storm, the Township plowed the street so there were piles of snow all along the blocking driveways and mailboxes. The very same day as everyone all around were digging out, the area around the mailbox was not gotten to yet. Sure enough, that day the mailman decided we needed a nasty warning. I wonder if he ran out of cards that day because I am sure nearly everyone on the street was also block. How about a little give and take is in order for such special conditions. Sure if it is that way on day too, leave the note.


  4. The community mailbox is now up down the street and I get to it easily enough. Once winter comes I may have to go a few days or more, depending on the snow, but I don’t get a lot of mail anymore anyhow.


  5. Clearly our postman is made of stronger stuff – he gamely battles through raspberry bushes and weeds or lifts the unhinged gate to make his way to the breadbin which serves as our mailbox. If we’re in, he’ll open the door and pop the mail in the porch with a cheery hello.


  6. I am just speechless! The Canadian post sound like a load of namby pambies! Can you write and enquire why…. Hold on you might to receive a reply due to your dangerous situation!! Can you ring and give them hell? Damn bureaucracy?!


  7. When I lived in Denmark, I had a mailbox upstairs few stairs and had no problems. But one day I got a letter, that now I and all others needed to hang up over mailbox outside our area, so the mail-deliver could pass my house in a car, open the window and deliver my post to my mailbox directly from the car. Totally crazy.
    I could understand, if it had to do with snow and ice in the Winter, but not now.


    • Canada Post is starting that too, except they are trying to go to neighborhood super-mailboxes. These are not so super as they are centrally located in the neighborhood and have a box for each home – kinda like one stop drop for the mailman but less convenient for the homeowners. Just cut backs as the internet kicks the heck out of personal mail (internet purchases do help alleviate a bit of this loss but nowhere’as close to all).

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  8. If you have more than three risers on an external entrance serving a single family dwelling, you require ONE handrail in Ontario – see PDF file excerpt of Building Code section (3) (about 1/2 way down the document)

    You should be able to buy a premade railing for less than $250 [ ] and will have to rent ( or buy for about $100) a ramset for a few hours (about $50) to install.

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  9. As a retired letter carrier with the U.S. Postal Service, I’d like to say that would never happen down here. But who knows, it probably has somewhere or other. My guess is that your letter carrier injured himself on your steps and now his supervisor is imposing this requirement. That could be how his supervisor is covering his butt from a safety inquiry.


  10. I wish I could believe that it was a mistake and that you got a notice meant for someone else, but that would mean that sanity might prevail — what was I thinking!

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  11. My goodness, you live right on the edge of that terrifying precipice? What do you do, abseil down to work every morning? You’re certainly far braver than I am, or any sane mail carrier, come to that.

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  12. I wonder who makes these types of decisions.Is your mailman delivering your mail from a wheelchair and can’t climb the steps? Has the system so changed that he is only allowed so many seconds to deliver your mail? Are there other houses in your street with the same issue? That sounds so bizarre to me. I wonder if a mailman tripped up or down on your stairs?
    I find it perplexing Linda. And yes I’d be watching for the first one who doesn’t use the railings.

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  13. Maybe the post office is in cahoots with the railing company, kickbacks? Crazy.

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  14. I thought Canadians were suppose to be nice to each other D: My whole life is a lie!!!!

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  15. We have our mailbox on a post next to the front steps – the whole kit is very reasonable at places like Home Depot (do you have those stores there?). Our mail carrier just walks across the lawn and throws the mail in the box, then goes on to the next house. He/she never has to go up the steps.

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    • Problem is, I don’t really have room for a box since my hedge almost reaches the steps, with only enough room for the lawn mower to get through. I could put a box ON the step, but then I’d trip over it.
      … then I can sue the post office! Brilliant! 😀

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