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#SoCS – Half


I don’t know why I keep buying books. It’s a compulsion. If I spent just half my time reading all the novels I have on shelves, Kindle, and Kobo, I’m sure it would still take me a year to get through them. And don’t even get me started on my to-be-read list of books that I haven’t bought yet.

As it is lately, I seem to be spending half my time on the computer, whether the laptop or working on my novels. I haven’t done a lot of real writing lately, which is why I’m trying to post every day on my fiction blog. …where I don’t have even near half of the traffic I get here. I wonder why that is? I suppose if you click my gravatar it brings you here, rather than there. Have you clicked your gravatar lately? Where does it go? Actually, your gravatar is only half of it. When you click your picture it should take you to a site where you have all your information, and your blogs lined up in a neat clickable row. If you click your name (we’re talking about in the comments section of any given post where you’ve commented, now), it should take you to your main site. It’s frustrating when I want to find someone’s blog but their information isn’t available.

I’m half of a mind to complain to WordPress about the pingbacks not working, but complaining never seems to do anything. I wonder if their own Daily Post blog is suffering, since it relies on the same idea of pingbacks. Anyway, if it’s not fixed half-way between now and Wednesday, I’ll go through the process of bitching about it.

That’s at least half of what I can come up with at the moment. The other half would be forcing it. Happy weekend, all, and don’t forget to manually add your link to the prompt post this week!

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20 thoughts on “#SoCS – Half

  1. I never have time to read books nowadays, but I still buy them. Mad, really, but like you say, it’s a compulsion.


  2. Every room in my house has over-flowing bookshelves. I need a couple more lifetimes! Good luck complaining to WP!


  3. I’m always happy to find someone else who has way too many books to read – I don’t even want to think of how much I’ve spent on books that are gathering (digital) dust on my Kindle!

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  4. I hate it when I click on a gravatar and it is a dead end. WTF that person just lost a follower or stalker…er… or something.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I often wonder why the gravatar doesn’t take us anywhere.


  6. I was wondering about the pingbacks not working. Hope it gets fixed.


  7. HAve to say I like this post! 😉


  8. This is so true! I always wonder why I can’t reach people via their images, and I have found myself linked on others blogs before but not had a notification about it ><


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