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#SoCS – Zoos


I’ve been to quite a few zoos in my time. The ones I can remember off the top of my head are the London Zoo, the Toronto Zoo, and the African Lion Safari. The link for the latter one is here: Just looking at their site makes me want to go back. I think I might do that this summer with the kids.

Strangely enough, the thing I remember most about the Toronto Zoo is that, when I went there with my friends when we were in high school, there was a McDonald’s in the park but they didn’t allow straws. Nor did they allow plastic cutlery. I assume it was because people would throw them into the animal enclosures and the animals would choke on them. (Stupid people.) But do you have any idea how hard it is to drink a McDonald’s milkshake without a straw… or a spoon?

Why do stupid people ruin things for everyone else? Do you ever wonder? We just accept the restrictions we have on ourselves – restrictions which we know are in place to protect stupid people and the things stupid people affect. For the life of me, I can’t think of another example, but you know what I mean. If you can think of one, mention it in the comments, would you? Thanks.

What if we had zoos full of stupid people? We could stare at them behind glass enclosures and laugh at the things they do. Maybe they could share the monkey exhibits… We could throw them straws and watch them stick them up their noses. Give them hot coffee to pour on themselves… oh wait. There are warnings on cups.

Actually, we already do this, in a way. We have America’s Funniest Videos.

I’d better stop before I get myself into trouble.

Have you ever noticed that this stream of consciousness thing is kind of like being drunk? You say whatever comes to mind…

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25 thoughts on “#SoCS – Zoos

  1. I despise zoos, they are pretty much the most depressing places anywhere, I think they should have all been closed years ago.


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  5. I’m pretty sure YouTube has eclipsed America’s Funniest and your point is valid. People do stupid stuff all for the clicks. And yeah, never been drunk but I can imagine SoC posts would be very like it. 🙂


  6. How about the warning labels that come in hair dryers, “do not use while sleeping.” Or capes for dress up costumes, “does not enable wearer to actually fly.” Or the sticker on a plastic tub that shows a baby I the tub with the universal slashed circle sign over it. Unfortunately I tend to wish there were more laws protecting Darwin’s survival of the fittest discovery. Humans are animals so therefore shouldn’t that natural law apply to us as well?

    But in reality it isn’t about survival that I’m concerned with. The edicational level of K-12 materials has been declining since 1960! These “rules, laws, and regulations” are designed so people don’t have to use their brain. Those two things in comination are kind of scary. Seems like a conspiracy to control the population by making them dumber.


    • How ironic though, eh? The labels keep them from having to use their brain, but they’re keeping them from having natural selection pick them off at the same time.
      Great examples – thanks!! 😀

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  7. I agree that SoCS posts are kind of like being drunk. I always walk away with the feeling I should have watched my mouth better. Excellent post. As far a stupid people are concerned I have given up trying to figure them out.


  8. I was a safety manager for a gas tanker company for many years. Stupid people were everywhere – it wasn’t possible to go through a day without dealing with many of them and their impact. As far as customers went, Esso was the worst for refusing to admit there were stupid people out there and working for them. Everytime someone made a mistake, they would mount a big investigation and then make a new rule. New rules spewed out of their head office daily. Typically tractor-trailers have separate windshields for driver’s and passenger’s side – this allows the glass to be flatter and cheaper and easier to replace and actually stronger. With the miles that were driven, most trucks break at least one windshield a year and often more. there is a very small bar between the windhields,but it is barely noticeable. Some idiot in Mississippi struck a pole in an Exxon yard and blamed it on the post between the windshields. From then on any trucks purchased to enter their facilities in Canada and the US had to have a one piece windshield.


  9. Hee hee! I love those blooper shows!!!


  10. This post reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode, where a human was set up in very comfortable surroundings, on display at an alien zoo. Irony. ☺


  11. “Why do stupid people ruin things for everyone else?” I have so many drafts in my “to write someday” folder on that subject, Linda, it’s amazing!


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