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I think this year will go down in the books as the one when everyone died. Then again, all the pioneers of modern rock, the movie stars, and the famous people I’ve grown up with are getting older. Was it like this for my parents when the likes of the Rat Pack began to die off? I suppose. And I’m sure all the young’uns now will have an impact on our kids’ generation when they begin to pass away. Yet somehow I think this is a bit different. It seems to me that aging bands such as the Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zepplin… they have a continued base in society unlike the greats of old. When the remainder of those bands disappear it won’t just affect we who are now in middle age. It will affect us all.

So today, Mohammad Ali. I found a meme on Facebook which included a quote:


Things we should all strive to be remembered for.

On a lighter note…

I picked up a book off the bargain shelf a long while ago, and I’ve just started reading it. I have to say, half-way through I’m totally engrossed. It’s a little romantic, but mostly it delves into the quirks and psychology of its characters in an amazingly profound way. It’s humorous, sad, and absolutely entertaining. Faking It by Elisa Lorello is something you’ll want to pick up.

I use a lot. In fact, I’m sitting in a room in a B&B as I type this. It’s warm in here. I’m in Kingston, and half-way between temptation to walk around and take pictures of doors and wander around the waterfront (and find a patio to sit and eat lunch) and take advantage of the quiet time away to work on one of my books. I’m this close to getting my novelette published (just have to go through proofreads and get a blurb written), I’m that close to my final edit of my epic novel, The Great Dagmaru, and I’m dying to work on finishing the first draft of the sequel.ย  Maybe I’ll work on one of those until I get really hungry… or my bum goes numb.

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Author: LindaGHill

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24 thoughts on “#SoCS – In the Books

  1. It’s a shame about Ali, he was a great man.
    Funny isn’t it? A black, African Muslim dies after spending his career punching Americans in the face and everyone pays emotional tribute to him. Yet, you put a man of similar background in the White House and he gets abuse heaped on him from all sides.
    Go figure…


    • You have to wonder what kinds of tributes will be made about Obama after he passes away. Then, it’s the same for any public figure. Look at … hell… everyone who’s died this year. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  2. Great SoC Linda! I love too. I can hardly wait for your “grand oeuvre” ! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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  4. I was just thinking recently about how the older we get the more we witness death, which is just part of life. But it does seem that we’ve lost an abnormal amount of celebrities so far this year. Bands such as Led Zeppelin, the Stones, etc. have such a large fan base that as they age out of existence, many young people will not fully realize just how long they’ve been around and how many lives they have affected.


  5. Lovely tribute to a great boxer and person, despite the controversy of his life I have always admired him for standing up for what he believed in. Good luck with all the publishing…


  6. I was born too late to truly witness the impact he had, but everything I’ve heard seems to back that up. Sounds like you’re having a lovely weekend and love the word prompt.


  7. Nice post, Linda. And if I had done one on Ali…that’s the quote I would have used. โ˜บ


  8. Sounds like you are this and that close to your novelette and epic novel. Congrats and keep pushing.


  9. Just have to say, Ali was one of the best, and brings so many memories. I remember listening to fights when he was a young Cassius Clay. I was just a child, but my father and I hung out next to the large radio in our home rooting for this brash, undisciplined star of the boxing ring. He will definitely be remembered for his lifelong integrity.


  10. I vote for exploration. Who knows what inspiration you can derive to add to your writing experience.


  11. Kingston is a beautiful town. There are some wonderful contemporary pubs and restaurants downtown. I spent some time at Queen’s there and had a girl friend there as well. Have an enjoyable, relaxing time Linda.


    • It’s a great place to hang out! So much to see and do.
      I think I might just go out today and take advantage of the weather. 90% chance of rain tomorrow. Even The Weather Network doesn’t usually get that wrong. ๐Ÿ˜›

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