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Ah, the things we do for our kids. I drove to Ottawa today for our (my son, Chris, and I) other annual museum pilgrimage. This one is a tour of four different museums – today was the History museum (in Gatineau, where above-mentioned son was born) and the War museum. It’s doubtful I’d ever have visited either of them on my own, but now, after having been to each at least half a dozen times, they feel like home. I seem to discover something new each year – the War museum never fails to humble.

The back of Canada's Parliament buildings from across the river

The back of Canada’s Parliament buildings from across the river

Canadian Museum of History

Canadian Museum of History

Now I’m sitting in my own room, having procured a suite at the St. Paul University residence with two separate bedrooms and a kitchen for under $100. Not bad, eh? Apparently I snore, so my poor son doesn’t like to sleep in the same room as me. (Yes, this is how you know this is stream of consciousness. Normally I wouldn’t admit to such a thing, but no editing…)

Tomorrow we’ll visit the Agriculture and Food Museum (oooh, that might be nice) in lieu of the Science museum we usually go to but can’t because it’s closed. Then it will be on to the Nature museum. Another one I’ve been to, actually more times than the others, because I went there once on a field trip as well. Chris has probably been to them all a dozen times. But he’s Autistic, so he enjoys the repetition.

We got lost when we were looking for the hotel/residence. The street address doesn’t show up from the street – it’s tucked in behind the university and there is loads of construction as well. Chris began to freak out, so I went to one of the local businesses and asked where the place was. He keeps telling me he wants to come to Japan with me. I found today to be a perfect time to explain to him that I get lost often. In Canada, where I speak the language (and can even get by in French), it’s easy to ask for directions. In Japan… I walk around a lot, looking for things myself, even when I’m lost. I can’t imagine what it would be like, as anxious as I sometimes get when I can’t find where I’m supposed to go, having an Autistic 21 year old going through a conniption with me.

So yeah, that probably won’t happen. But the things we do for our kids.


This has been a perfect example of not using the prompt other than in the title of a post for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. But that’s fair! Because the title prompted what came next. Feel free to follow this and all the other (lax) rules you’ll find here, for SoCS:

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11 thoughts on “#SoCS – Your Servant

  1. Hope you both had a wonderful time, Linda 🙂


  2. Yeah, that construction on Main St. is a bugger – that’s been going on for years now and will continue into next year. They open and close parts on a daily basis. It lies between my home and the dialysis at the General so I see it regularly. Cool museums – I haven’t been to any for a while now.


    • Did you move? You lived east of there when I visited you… unless the construction goes a lot further than the little I saw.
      Never mind. I looked at the map. Vanier Parkway must be a mess at rush hour.
      The dinosaur exhibit at the Nature museum is pretty awesome. 😀

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  3. Sounds like you both had fun – except for that one incident of course. I’ve developed a new appreciation for the museums in the capitol region. We visited the War Museum and the National Gallery when we were there in March. The war museum is a humbling experience isn’t it?That Vimy Ridge memorial put a lump in my throat that stayed the rest of the day.


  4. So very true. I find I’ll do anything for my kids, often things I’d never in a million years voluntarily do on my own. 😉


  5. Sounds fun. I love museums. (The only one in our family)


  6. It sounds like s nice little get away, Linda. I think our kids appreciate these things.

    This was a hard prompt but it brought out some interesting responses.


  7. You can’t beat a good museum.


  8. Indeed.. Our children. It gets harder and harder to say no to my little girl. 😀


  9. Enjoy your trip with your son Linda 🙂


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