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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Did you know it’s Black Cat Appreciation Day today? The things you learn on Twitter.

Here are a few pictures of Casper, my son’s black cat.

Thank you for being in our lives, Casper. ❤


Summer Fun

Ah, summertime. At home 24/7 with a kid who’s currently screaming like he’s actually on the set of The Price Is Right and not sitting in front of the TV. So far, since camp finished, we’ve been to a Poutine Feast (the lobster poutine was to DIE for), we’ve been out for walks and to the grocery store. Coming up we have a movie, mini-golf, lunch at the mall, a trip to the library, and of course tonight there’s baseball.

So much fun!

Except life doesn’t stop for me. Call me a party pooper, but my stress level is calling me back to the computer to get stuff done. The book launch for The Magician’s Blood is this Friday (get it on pre-order for $2.99! The price goes up to $4.99 on Friday!), and the paperback cover has colour issues, so I need to get that sorted out. It’ll be a while before that’s ready, so if you’re waiting for the physical copy, sorry. :/ Hopefully next week.

I have stories to write, things to edit for other people … and a kid who just wants to have fun with his mom!!

I feel so guilty for not sharing his enthusiasm. I just keep telling myself to live in the moment. That’s all you can do, right?

Click the pic to get it before the price goes up!



#SoCS – Call

If I could call my dad, he’d be amazed that I was using a wireless phone, because he died in 1978. Or maybe he wouldn’t, if he’s really watching over me.

If I could call my dad, he’d say he wishes he could meet his grandkids. Though two of them are too big to dandle on his knee.

If I could call my dad, I think he’d be proud of me for continuing his love of telling stories.

If I could call my dad, he’d be happy that I kept my sense of humour, even through all the shit I’ve been through.

If I could call my dad, he might or might not think I’m doing enough for my mother. He may just acknowledge that I’ve got enough to do already.

If I could call my dad, I’d be grateful for one last chance to give him the opportunity to make me spit tea through my nose …

If I could call my dad, I’d tell him I’m doing my best.

If I could call my dad, I’d tell him I miss him.

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One-Liner Wednesday – Who? Who, who, who, who?

Backstory: the dog escaped the back yard and my son didn’t know because he was sleeping, so before I went out, I put a note on the door to warn him not to let the dog out back. When I got home, I put the gate up on the deck–the only place safe for Winston to go out. I couldn’t resist taking the picture, just so I could write the title of this post.

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#SoCS – Tea, no matter what

When, as a child, I questioned the wisdom of drinking hot tea on a hot day, my parents told me that it made you sweat, which is better. Back then we didn’t have an air conditioner in the house. They weren’t really a “thing” in my neighbourhood, at least outside of public buildings. We never had a window unit and didn’t get central air until the late 70s, early 80s.

My parents came from the UK–let’s get that out of the way. They HAD to have their tea. So even when it was 90 degrees outside, we’d be sitting with our cuppa, vying for a spot where there was a bit of a wind to cool off our sweaty skin. All stiff-upper-lip/do-it-because-it-feels-good-when-you-stop behaviour.

But that’s turned out to be a good thing. I can’t stand iced (or cold) coffee, but I’ve been conditioned to bear the heat of summer AND a scorching hot drink. I’ve learned to appreciate that extra layer of perspiration that cools me off when I come in contact with even the slightest of breezes.

Or I drink it in an air conditioned room.

Because who needs a stiff upper lip when you have A/C?

BUT, having said that, I still take my cup of tea upstairs to bed with me every night. I have a fan on my bedside table that blasts me with cool air.

Ingenuity is the boon of all that ails.


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I haven’t been around much this week. I’ve been the victim of the attack of a noxious antibiotic. A vile, loathsome, yucky antibiotic. Seriously, I was sick as hell the other day. And though it’s improving since I switched to penicillin, I’m still kinda gurgling, you know?

But Tuesday. Oh, Tuesday. Have you read my most recent episode of “Second Seat” with Ralph? Yeah, that. And if you haven’t read it, it’s probably best you don’t look for the search bar on the right-hand side of my blog page (or the bottom, if you’re on a phone) and type in “Ralph.” Waaaay TMI, man.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at. Hoping to be raring to go by the time I have to take Alex to a kiddie birthday party on Saturday. And not raring to go to the potty. Wish me luck.


#SoCS – Grilled Cheese

I had no idea, honestly, what I was going to write for today’s prompt. Here in Canada we don’t call the thing we cook on outside “The Grill” as much as we call it just a plain old barbeque. (I spell it that way because in this household with all the sign language going on, we fingerspell it “BBQ” for Alex.) (And anyway, it’s English, damnit.) Nine times out of ten if you read the cooking instructions on Canadian food packaging, it will say “In the Frying Pan,” or “On the Barbeque” rather than “On the Grill.” Holy Hell, where am I with this post?

Oh yeah. So we do grill vegetables but we do it on the barbeque, so my idea for this prompt wasn’t to talk about cooking on “The Grill.” My idea was nothing, really, except the word “grill.”

But then my son Chris came out to the kitchen and asked me to make his grilled cheese sandwich. He has one at 11:30am every day. It’s his schedule, which can’t be deviated from. When he said it I was, like, “duh!” There’s my prompt.

When I first discovered grilled cheese sandwiches back as a teenager, I think, I was told they were made by buttering both sides of the bread. And I actually did it for a while, before I figured out I only really needed to butter the outside. What a mess! (This, by the way, is something I’ve never told anyone. You’re the first to know!) Of course grilled cheese sandwiches have nothing to do with a grill of any kind, and I have no idea why they’re called that.

I do hope my kids realize after I’m gone how much of their history (and mine) is recorded here in this blog. They stand to learn so much about their mother and where they came from before they were born. But they never read it.

I should write a memoir one day. I wish my parents had.

Happy long weekend to all my friends in the US!

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