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#SoCS – In the Cards

The concept of fate is debatable. I’ve always kind of believed in it. Especially when it suited me the most.

When something good happens, it’s luck. When something bad happens, it was bound to be. Bound as in tied up, unable to escape fate with a bow on top.

Until, of course, something good proves to have mixed results.

Was I fated to meet my ex? Of course–we had three kids. They were fated to come into existence, to change other people’s lives in their path.

Yeah, totally a mixed bag of beliefs.

Then there are the literal “in the cards” cards. I used to play around with Tarot cards a lot. I have no idea where they went when I moved eight years ago. Or maybe it was nine now … No matter. I haven’t seen them in close to a decade.

I used to wonder if I was just reading what I wanted to read in them. I mean seriously, so much interpretation!

But then once in a while I’d have a really specific question in mind and there was no doubt they were talking to me.

Happened more with the Angel cards.

I know where they are.

I still get them out once in a while.

Do they predict the future or show me what’s “in the cards,” so to speak? Again, totally up for interpretation.

They say that things you don’t believe in, won’t come true. But maybe it’s all in our heads.

Or maybe we just choose not to see it.

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