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The Escapist Coloring Club – June 2019 mid-month reminder

It’s the middle of June already, so here’s your mid-month reminder to get colouring! You’ll find the links for the two bloggers who have participated already this month below. Make sure you check them out! I’ll turn off the comments in this post and redirect you to the June 1st prompt to link your entries there, if you haven’t already posted. Or if you have, feel free to leave another link!

Here’s what I’m working on this month. I’m half-way through it, so I should have it all coloured in by July 1st.

I’m loving the fact that I can listen to an audiobook while I work. I just finished Neil Patrick Harris’s Choose Your Own Autobiography. So funny. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here’s the link, if you’re interested in buying it. I highly suggest listening rather than reading.

Anyhoo, back to colouring.

Thank you to our members who have posted so far! Here they are:

Anita at anitashope

M. Oniker at wtfaioa


Please visit them to see their wonderful colouring projects. And join us! It’s fun and relaxing.

You can find the original post here.

Thank you. 🙂


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