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#SoCS – Social Responsibilities


I think social media might be ruining me.

Okay, I’ve never really enjoyed the idea of going out and being sociable, unless it was with close friends. And even then, the path of least resistance–staying home in my pjs–often felt more comfortable than going out. Usually, I’m okay once I get there. It’s the idea of going.

But now, I’m getting so used to typing my sociability rather than being forced to speak, I’m getting lazy. You know, with having to come up with the first thing out of my brain and being stuck with it. Because when I’m speaking, it’s out there. When I type it, unless I hit send by accident, I can reword it until it’s right.

But you know the one thing I’ve always hated? Waiting for my turn to introduce myself to a group. You listen to people say their name and their position/relation/whatever, and it’s getting closer and closer to your turn and you start rehearsing what you’re going to say in your head because you don’t want to screw it up, and by the time the guy beside you is finished, you sputter and spit out your reply so badly that you wish your shoes could swallow you or that the power could suddenly go out, giving you a chance to escape when nobody’s looking.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I suppose there’s the odd person who actually revels in the opportunity to speak, but nah, that ain’t me.

I’m a lot better at it, though, now, than I used to be. When I was a kid, I HATED speaking in public. Now I still hate it, but at least I don’t really care what people think of me when I do. I hate it now in lower case.

There’s a difference.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

38 thoughts on “#SoCS – Social Responsibilities

  1. I hate public speaking too! I don’t really think many people enjoy having to introduce themselves to a group. I definitely don’t. The worst is when the group facilitator says say your name and one thing that’s interesting about you!


  2. If you can rehearse, AND actually be ready, AND say it, without getting ‘interrupted’ while doing so, it’ll be a bloody miracle – for me? I’m writing, texting, emailing, etc., way more than I used to socialize in person or on the phone – I get to say what’s on my mind and they can, at their leisure, read it, ignore, whatever, but at least I don’t get interrupted so many times I come away from the day wondering, “What is my name?” – – LOL


  3. I feel you on the dread of leaving the house. It’s less now for me than it had been prior to this job, but I still suffer at times.
    I’m REALLY good at making brief intro and chat. It’s the after that part I can’t do. I want to disconnect. I don’t want to linger. I feel trapped unless it’s one-on-one and I’m INTO the person, really making a great connection. If I don’t vibe on people or have a purpose for interaction, I’m fairly random, awkward and well, bizarre. #truestory


  4. When I was in college I dropped classes if an “oral report” was required. Took forever to graduate 😉 Social media is a double-edged sword. I get to appear more social than I feel, but it still wears me down.


  5. Not just you. And then there is my ex who was one of the ones who LOVED any opportunity to talk about himself, and so an introduction thingie was always the BEST.


  6. And while you are preparing your own introduction, you don’t pay attention to anyone else’s so you don’t remember their names! Hate that.


  7. I’m not all that much a social butterfly, either, nor do I care much for speaking in public. I’m definitely more an introvert than extrovert.


  8. I am not social either. It takes a lot of convincing for me to walk into social situations. Even if it is with people I like.


  9. Definitely not just you. In reading this week’s responses to the prompt ‘social’, I see that mos writers really aren’t, social, that is.


  10. Same here with the introductions. I get so nervous anticipating that I’m going to screw it up that I, of course, screw it up!


  11. I can relate too. I used tobe in debate contests with my school, but other th an that, I always hated public speaking. Writing is much easier.


  12. Nope, not just you. Introductions are the worst. Actually, even worse that worst are the ones where they make it a game. “Tell us your favorite song” and then the guy ahead of you uses your song 🙁


  13. Public speaking is not for everyone


  14. Can’t stop me talking 😝


  15. I tried getting in to my WordPress acct yesterday to do SoCS and failed. I am all thumbs and left feet in this Social media world!


  16. Oh no, it’s most definitely not just you. Waiting your turn for introductions is THE WORST.

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