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#SoCS – Unpacking a Thought

There are many ways to go about unpacking a thought or a problem. Some people find walking or exercising helps to clear the mind and open it up to new ideas. I get so many solutions in the shower for my problems when I come across them in my fiction writing, that by rights, I should be the cleanest person in Canada.

But often, when it comes to other issues I need to solve, writing is the best way to unpack what I’m trying to get at. The root can often be found by just spelling out the problem.

Sometimes a list can help, showing me from one step to the next how I can get from A (the problem) to Z (the most positive outcome).

Other times just this: stream of consciousness. You have to wonder what lives inside of our brains that just needs a little nudge to get out. Even memories of what worked before that we’ve long forgotten. They’re there, just buried by all the stress of what we NEED to remember on a daily basis, rather than the things that seem less important. Until they become important.

I have a feeling I’m going to look at this post later and cringe, so I might not reread it at all.

A glass or two of wine will do that.

Speaking of memories … I have no idea why, but I thought tonight of the first time I ever heard Enya. Her song Exile was in the movie L.A. Story. Such a beautiful song. Have a listen.

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