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#SoCS – Unpacking a Thought

There are many ways to go about unpacking a thought or a problem. Some people find walking or exercising helps to clear the mind and open it up to new ideas. I get so many solutions in the shower for my problems when I come across them in my fiction writing, that by rights, I should be the cleanest person in Canada.

But often, when it comes to other issues I need to solve, writing is the best way to unpack what I’m trying to get at. The root can often be found by just spelling out the problem.

Sometimes a list can help, showing me from one step to the next how I can get from A (the problem) to Z (the most positive outcome).

Other times just this: stream of consciousness. You have to wonder what lives inside of our brains that just needs a little nudge to get out. Even memories of what worked before that we’ve long forgotten. They’re there, just buried by all the stress of what we NEED to remember on a daily basis, rather than the things that seem less important. Until they become important.

I have a feeling I’m going to look at this post later and cringe, so I might not reread it at all.

A glass or two of wine will do that.

Speaking of memories … I have no idea why, but I thought tonight of the first time I ever heard Enya. Her song Exile was in the movie L.A. Story. Such a beautiful song. Have a listen.

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Love quickens beneath the moonlight …

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One-Liner Wednesday – The Incomplete Glory of June

For those of you wondering what failure to finish colouring the month looks like,

I think it has its own charm.


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JusJoJan 14 – How Can I Kill Thee…?

The first thing that comes to mind is the Black Plague, though it was hardly the worst case of mass death in the world. Genghis Khan is reported here, to have killed as many as 40 million people. Thousands die in any given year from natural disasters as well. But technology is working to change all that.

Science has come up with ways to keep people alive in the face of disease, improved warfare and methods of gaining information have been designed to ensure Hilter never happens again, and warning systems are being developed to alert people to get out of the way of impending doom due to tornadoes, tsunamis and the like. So how do we keep the population of the world down now?

Through the very same technology that claims it is trying to help us. Pharmaceutical companies provide us with life-saving drugs which only kill us in other ways, and pesticides to make our “quality of life” better in that we can enjoy our food more. Cell phones – the best way yet to receive information – are apparently giving us brain tumors. So what’s left? War, of course. Government-run, huge conglomeration-funded wars. And who wins in all of this?

The rich bastards whose gain comes from our hides.

Now watch this. It’s beautiful.

Nature happens, with or without us – but are we making it better with technology? Or are we simply allowing a certain few to stand upon a pedestal and dictate to us who we should be and how we should live our lives?

But, you say, there’s only so much we can do, isn’t there? Even if we overthrow our governments, more of the same will replace them. If we refuse to buy the products sold by the huge corporations, how do we live?

To know ourselves, to care for ourselves and each other is a good way to start. From our immediate families and outward, to our communities and our countries. We have to realize that everyone and everything on the planet is equal. We are all connected – the Earth is its own organism, just as each of our bodies are. Imagine how it would be if we were all self-aware. Not self-centered, not self-involved, but so aware of ourselves and how we affect those around us that we could do so for the sake of good.

If you haven’t watched the video by this point, go back and do it. It’s eleven minutes and eighteen seconds’ worth of footage everyone should hear.


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