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AtoZ/What Day is it Anyway? Friday, April 24th, 2020 – Understand?



My day today so far–3:06pm: 

Got up early and made it to the store. When did that become a noteworthy thing? Back in my day, a trip to Tokyo was noteworthy. Now doing groceries is an adventure. Sheesh!

Speaking of Tokyo, I checked my favourite traffic camera last week, the one pointing at the famous Shibuya crossing. So sad to see so few people there on a Saturday at 9pm. Normally you wouldn’t see the sidewalks for the people.

What it looked like when I was there, December 2015, about the same time at night:

The view from where the black cab is sitting on the right side of the traffic cam photo, looking across the intersection.

But I digress.

Now, I’m working on perfecting my dirty look to use on people who won’t move over in the aisle in the store or on the sidewalk. In the latter case, it’s the dirty look that says, “You see me dragging my child out into the middle of the street to avoid your selfish ass, right? You understand the sacrifice I’m making for you? Yes?”

No, probably not.

So yeah, that happened today too.

Good news is I’m pretty sure I’ve got the look almost down pat.

Why I’m writing this post:

Because if you’re like me and stuck at home already, or if you’re going to be like me soon, the days of the week are going to be hell to keep track of. We have a wonderful community here on WordPress and all over the Internet as well, and I’m sure many people are feeling nervous and/or isolated. I want to make sure every one of us has somewhere to congregate and someone to talk to.

I want everyone to know that you can start discussions with each other in the comments, and if you’d like to write your own “What Day is it Anyway?” post, you can link to this one. Hashtag #WDIIA.

Let’s keep in touch!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

9 thoughts on “AtoZ/What Day is it Anyway? Friday, April 24th, 2020 – Understand?

  1. People can be so damn selfish. I’m glad you’ve got the dirty look down pat now Lol. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Here is the new normal streets are empty, shopping is scary, walking Alex, or even our dog Ruby is stressful. Be strong get that Paddington state perfected. Hugs ❣️


  3. I can’t believe how empty that crossing is! I remember when I went to Tokyo and there were so many people on it all the time! So sad 😦


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  5. We’ve managed to avoid going out for groceries (apart from the odd pint of milk) but yes you need to perfect “the look” even when out doing your daily exercise. I’ve probably got the look, I’m working hard on keeping my mouth zipped lol


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  7. Yay for the look! And yeah, how crazy that going to a store and boring unbusy crosswalks is the new normal. I gotta work on my look. Nice is overrated!


  8. I was amazed by the photos of Earth day showing how the earth in just a few weeks of minimal humans has rejuvenated. We are our own worst enemy.


  9. How life has changed indeed. Going out for groceries is something worth noting. Govt regulations require us to wear a mask everytime we go out, so the dirty look is proving to be a challenge. I’m glad that you’ve nearly perfected yours!

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