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What Day is it Anyway? #SoCS Edition Saturday, July 11th, 2020

by Chihuly

Take me down to my boat on the river …

I’m trying to remember the last time I was in a boat. Was it a canoe? I love canoeing.

Last time I was in one was on a camping trip with my late husband. I made the mistake of letting him steer. We zigzagged across the lake. I had no idea before that that you could take the long way from one side of a lake to the other.

Or was it the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls? Again, with my husband. That was a fun trip. I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but we were there with my mother and her sisters. We had one room and they were next door in the hotel. For some reason, my mother was worried about Darren and I going out the night we spent there, so we snuck out for a walk. It was beautiful out when we left the hotel, but there was a sudden rain storm that almost literally swept us off our feet. Seriously, we had to hold on to a fence post.

We went back to the hotel, totally drenched. Not to be deterred from being naughty (from my mother’s perspective at least), we went out AGAIN the next morning in search of Tylenol. My mother, of course, tried to find us while we were gone. She panicked and begged the hotel staff to let her into our room. They were getting ready to use the master key when we got back.

Man, did we get in trouble. That taught me not to go out without my mother’s permission, I tell ya. I was 46 years old at the time.

Niagara Falls, 2010

The view from our room


2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

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