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#SoCS – Nausea


Okay, so I managed to get “nausea” down a couple of years ago. But “nauseus”? “Nauseas”? “Nausious”?

Every. Single. Time. I have to look it up.

It’s like I don’t like being “nauseous” or something. HEY! I got it!

I did feel a little sick today, actually. It was the five cups of coffee, I think. My usual three this morning and another two this afternoon to keep me awake.

Which I don’t have any problem doing when I lay down because of this damned frozen shoulder. I go to bed in pain, I wake up at 3am in agony. I don’t remember the other one (I had a frozen shoulder in 2016) popping out of the joint, but this one does it regularly. And MAN, does it hurt.

I’m thinking about trying to sleep sitting up tonight. Not sure it will help, though, because I think it’s just not moving it that’s the problem. Or it’s moving it into a weird position in my sleep.

Anyhoo, I’m not a happy camper.

I have an x-ray booked for next Saturday, though, and a cortisone shot on November 4th. That fixed the last one. Hopefully it’ll fix this one, too.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

14 thoughts on “#SoCS – Nausea

  1. I hope your shoulder is fixed. Sometimes I use heat on my back, but haven’t had a frozen shoulder. Good to know you recovered before. Your body will remember how to do that.


  2. Linda, I sure hope you are feeling better by this time. Sending healing energy your way.


  3. Have you tried a heating pad?


  4. Hoping for your quick recovery. HUGS!


  5. I’d never get any of those right. If I’m lucky, I’ll get close enough for spellcheck to jump in. You know it’s bad when spellcheck says, “I got nothing.”

    I hope you get the shoulder pain resolved. I’ve had that, and finding a comfortable position is hard. Good luck.


  6. That sounds awful Linda good job you have an x-ray booked …I also hope the injection works too and quickly.💜💜💜


  7. It sounds really painful Linda! I hope the x-ray goes well. ❤


  8. Is ‘nauseated’ the word that will prove to be a successful cure?


  9. Oh no! My partner had frozen shoulder a few years ago and she really suffered with it, so as soon as you mentioned it I could understand some of what you’re going through. Remembering how to spell nauseous is the least of your concerns right now. I hope the cortisone shot sorts it out, but that must feel like such a long time to wait. Take care of yourself.


  10. I feel your pain. I got it once after surgery to my elbow due to not moving my arm…because it was screwed down for 3 weeks. Yeah, painful. Hope it gets better soon.


  11. Dang! Hope you feel better soon 💖


  12. I hope the shot of steroids will fix your shoulder. My doc recommended 2 weeks of physio after the shot. It helps mobilize the joint.


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