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Just Jot It January a new way

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how I can make Just Jot It January work in 2021, because I know I’ll be busy with my novel. Like, extremely busy.

If you’re familiar with the prompt, you know for the last few years I’ve requested prompts from other bloggers and I’ve posted the prompt itself separately from my own JusJoJan entry. I really enjoy doing it that way, but it’s simply not realistic this next year. It’s way too time consuming, plus, I feel like I need to write my own post on the actual day of the prompt so I can provide content that’s relevant.

So here’s what I propose to do this year: fiction.

Every day in January except for Wednesdays, when you’ll still get your One-Liner Wednesday, and Saturday (SoCS) I’ll post either a stand-alone short story or an episode of a serialized one. The story will have a one-word title that you can use for your prompt, and it will be posted at 2am EST, so unless you’re on the other side of the world, you’ll have all day to write your own JusJoJan post. Yours does NOT have to be fiction–it can be anything, and you can use the prompt word or not.

However, I’m not going to leave you out of this completely.

What I’d love from you is something to prompt me on what to write. In the comments, give me any or all of the following:

1. A name (It can be your own, but all I can promise is that I won’t kill you in my story. You may end up being any kind of character, possibly not even human.);

2. A setting;

3. A situation or a “what if.”

I may not use all of the suggestions I’m given, but if I do use your suggestion, I’ll try to link back to you in some way.

I’ll start writing my stories over the Christmas holidays and schedule them to show up in January.

Keep an eye out for the official Just Jot it January rules post for this year.

Aaaand, prompt me!