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#SoCS – Boxing Day

I don’t know about you, but Christmas on a Friday really screwed me up for some reason. I was convinced it was Sunday all day today. Which is going to make Sunday (the real Sunday) reeeeeally long.

So it was Boxing Day today here in Canada. I’ve never really known the true meaning of Boxing Day. I think it’s either the day you throw out all the boxes from the stuff you got at Christmas or it’s the day you box your kids’ ears when they whine about what they didn’t get from Santa.

That Santa guy must have really had his work cut out for him this year. If the rest of the world is any indication, at least a few of the elves had to be out with Covid. I mean, you don’t even go to work with the sniffles these days.

Sniffles is, by the way, the name of one of the elves. Or so I’m told. He was really lonely this year.

Where was I?

Oh yes, Boxing Day.

I need a Boxing Day just to get rid of the boxes from the computers that don’t work anymore. You know, the boxes they tell you to keep in case you need to ship it back to be fixed? Those boxes somehow manage to outlast the computers every single time.

They should make cardboard computers. Maybe they’d last longer.

Is it Sunday yet?

Yep. Sunday.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

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