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In case you’re wondering…


In case you’re wondering if President Biden is responsible for the price of gas, here in my little part of Canada (not Biden’s territory), regular unleaded is currently $2.129 per litre.

That works out to $8.06 per US gallon in Canadian dollars, or $6.44/gallon in US dollars, as of the current exchange rate.

So happy I traded my car in for a hybrid last November.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

13 thoughts on “In case you’re wondering…

  1. P.S. R.M Carlson makes good points – there have been several news stories that have not gone viral, but which said, “Oil investors lost money during the low demand/low prices – they want their dividends, not re-investing in R& D (finding/drilling new wells) – Wells in Colorado that were turned off from production lines during COVID/Price Wars are slowly coming back online, but bringing them online isn’t the same as flip a light switch/turning on your computer –

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  2. I’m sorta amazed at how many seem to forget the supply/demand plummet, of price here, due to both Russia and Saudi Arabia having a price war and the COVID shutdowns –

    Also, I read years and years ago, that so many other countries paid 2-5 times per gallon what we do here, historically – –

    We pay $12-$18 per gallon for coffee from starbucks, we have successfully centralized our food system to truck stuff back and forth to middlemen that all make a profit, instead of having stuff in place and accepted as normal to make the shortest route possible between producer and consumer –

    That all runs on fuel – for raising, processing, trucking from factory to storefront –

    But, then, in the 50s (slight slow down during the OPEC wars(?) in the 70s, but right back to biz as usual, after that blip was solved) OUR NATION was BUILT and assumes freedom based on cheap fuel – and a belief it never ends – on the ‘freedom of traveling by motor car’ – a car in every household, then the prosperity of the two-car family in the suburb – –

    I am running a friend to her Dr.s appointment tomorrow – and will fill up – but thus far?

    I’ve YET, even in recent months, to pay what I paid in fall of 2011 – which, at the time, was $4.89/gallon, which was harden then because I was commuting to two jobs in different directions from where I lived in rural americana – 48-62 miles one way, for each –

    My heart bleeds for those who are paying at the pumps just to earn their living/keep their business going – on the other hand? I see many who are griping about the prices, going on long driving vacations, flights, cruises, etc., so apparently, they are not that hard it by the prices – not really – is my conclusion…

    Sigh – it is gearing up to b mid-term elections here – the gripes on this topic and a few others? Will only grow exponentially in the coming months, is my opinion (which may/may not be informed)

    Reporting in from front lines of middle of nowhere –
    *Disclosure – truck owner who has fashioned her life to only need 10-15 gallons of fuel a month – on vehicle use, cuz she can’t afford to buy, license and insure a hybrid, at least not just now – who still orders things in (shipping fuel for trucks/planes) and buys items from places other than local producers – USA

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    • On your disclosure, it’s impossible to get away from at least some fuel consumption unless you live completely in isolation.
      I hope things stay relatively calm for your upcoming elections and everything else.

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      • All I need do, for me, to feel better about current day elections/protests/riots, etc., is look to past history – if you think mud slinging is bad now – one need only look to the 1800s of USA elections, to see how brutal it could really get – Some of the things our forefathers did to each other are just as bad as what politicians do today – the average citizen has to dig through alot of their ‘poo’ on every side, to try and find the Christmas Pony – LOL


        • Oh dear! I had no idea. Then again, less than a decade ago I had no idea what the difference was between a democrat and a republican. 😛 There’s enough going on up here in Canada! Haha!

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          • I hear ya! Part of why I love my bloggy pal network here, is that so many hail from other countries – thus, I often find out what it looks like for individuals, boots on the ground, as it were, to hold in mind while reading world news and ALSO, often get an idea of what things here look like from the outside looking in – I spend quite a bit of time learning various eras of history that directly led to the colonolization and creation of USA, because I believe it help me understand our current situation more fully, but the world is so big, and so diverse, in cultures, traditions and religions, one life time simply isn’t enough to learn it all!

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        • There are other factors that are affecting the price of oil/gasoline in the US that could get worse this summer. Hurricanes often take Gulf of Mexico refineries offline and possibly for a long time. We have hearings going on about the insurrection of Jan 6 and the Justice Department could indict responsible individuals afterward which would likely make the US explode due to the extreme polarization of political opinion in the US. Then there is the Federal Reserve who is responsible for controlling inflation and is an independent body in the US.

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          • Yes – I hear you! I sometimes despair over how much time and effort it takes to attempt to get the FULL factors affecting anything (when possible), in our complex systems. I’m currently girding my loins to watch last nights committee hearing – sat through the PBS full broadcast on Sunday and was reminded again of the horror of the day – I realize folks are facing so much, but I really can’t understand why I hear from those around me, ‘we need to move on’ and yet, I also remember that being almost the exact words of President Ford after Watergate? Lots going on! I’ll give you chance to laugh at me…I used to grouse about prices raising on gas in Spring and Fall and thought it was done for tourist season/before elections – my brother finally said, “umm… you know the main refineries go off line to switch to different seasonal formulas, so we aren’t at full capacity production for awhile…” – LOL I felt silly I hadn’t researched it more before – 😀

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  3. I really don’t care whose fault it is…it’s just ridiculous. I so that glad that all of us Texas still ride or horses to work n such….🤪

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  4. Hi Linda and everyone! President Biden has absolutely nothing to do with the price of gasoline. The price of gasoline is set by the market forces in our capitalist society of supply and demand. Producers are restricting the supply to drive up prices and they have succeeded. It’s the producers of the gasoline – the oil companies – driving up the price, not the President of the United States. Another issue affecting gas prices is the war in the Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia. Biden can’t just tell the producers to produce more gas. Capitalism doesn’t work like that. Companies are not owned by the state and can do exactly what they want based on the wants and needs of the shareholders. Gas prices should not be a political issue and Linda, thanks for your perspective and bringing this very important issue up.

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