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#JusJoJan the 8th/23 – Friendship


I’d like to say thanks so much to Jezzie G. for his awesome prompt of the day, “friendship.”

I read somewhere once that I’m a typical Aquarius in that I’m able to remain friends with people even if I don’t talk to them for years. And for the most part, it’s been true. I can easily pick up where I left off.

Take my best friend, for instance. Okay, so he’s an Aquarius too—his birthday is the day after mine—but we didn’t talk to each other for, like, ten years at a time. We drifted apart after high school and met up for dinner about ten years later, then there were another two ten-year or so gaps when we both kinda fell off the face of the earth, then he moved to a house around the corner from me about ten years ago and we’ve seen each other regularly ever since.

Except with COVID. He came over for breakfast yesterday for the first time in almost three years. Breakfasts together were a daily habit when he first moved here.

But aside from that, he’s one of my only friends … Until I get together with someone else I haven’t seen for ten years, I guess.

Is that weird?


This friendly type post is brought to you by Just Jot it January and Jezzie G.! Thanks again, Jez, for the great prompt. Please be sure to check out his blog.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

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15 thoughts on “#JusJoJan the 8th/23 – Friendship

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  2. Not weird at all! Oh wait, unless I’m weird too & just don’t know it 😉


  3. It’s not weird it’s lovely 🌹🌹🌹


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  5. Not weird at all! Just had coffee with 2 friends from high school….years went by with little or no contact, then we pick up right where we left off. Its an amazing thing 💞


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  7. I think it is delightful!


  8. That’s a real friendship 🤗


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