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Dog owners PLEASE read!

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fabricating fiction

I can’t remember a time I didn’t have a dog. Tramping through fields and forests with Granger is always one of the highlights of my day, not just because it’s so beneficial for my mental and physical health, but seeing how happy it makes Granger, racing against the wind, ears flapping, brings me immeasurable joy.

We’ve both loved our daily adventures, exploring off the beaten track as well as treading well-worn paths. It’s where I untangle plot points, come up with my best ideas.



Granger often brings me his lead when I’ve sat at my desk for hours, nudging me gently with his nose. Rain, snow, ice, rain, there’s nothing (except when it’s too warm for him) that has stopped me going out.

Until now.

Now fear, fear stops me from taking him out.

Early this month Granger was savagely attacked by another dog. We were in a…

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