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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Silhouette

In response to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge prompt this week, which was shadows and silhouettes, I decided to use a picture I took in May. I was standing under a cherry tree and for some reason or another, took a picture of the sun through the branches.

Here is the original:

I thought first to see what my new phone could do with it. I was quite happy with this version, which I did nothing particular with except change the filters available. I like the way the branches stand out, giving it a skeletal look:

Then I decided to play around with that. This version, I think, has a bit of a Dystopian feel to it:

And finally, here’s what I ended up with when I played around with the original. I was trying to bring out the prism of the sun’s rays. It certainly shows off the actual brilliance of the pink blossoms:


K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Up Close

For this weeks’ Cosmic Photo Challenge we were to get up-close and personal with our subjects. This worked out well for me, since I took some pictures early last week that fit the bill.

The first I cropped and sharpened. I left the flowers in the distance in the shot, to show the contrast between near and far.

contrast sakura

This second shot is completely unaltered. It doesn’t fit into the challenge, but I like it.


To find the rules for the challenge, click the link: Join in – it’s fun!!

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Private Thoughts, Private World Part 6 – Beauty

In each of us the idea of it is cradled, warm and glowing. It’s something we wish for, something we strive for, something we hope to behold and to create. For each of us there is a singular nuance that we recognize and when we see it, or hear it, touch it, taste it or even smell it we know. It lights up a part of our brain like nothing else can.

It is beauty.

It moves us, it inspires us. It comes in so many forms. I remember once, I had taken an overnight flight from England back home so I had been up all day the day before and because of the time change and having to look after my kids… let’s just say I was exhausted. In this state, I was in the car for some reason and the song ‘Comfortably Numb’ came on the radio. I sat and listened to the entire thing. It wasn’t until the guitar solo at the end when I started to bawl my eyes out, positive that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard in my life. …at least since I saw Pink Floyd live so many years before that.

How do you describe something that, to you, is so beautiful that it makes you cry? By giving it life. Like the gritty, piercing of David Gilmour’s guitar crawling up the back of my neck and wrapping me in a warm blanket of pure, ear-splitting devastation.

By giving an inanimate object a soul we can not only describe what we see but how it makes us feel.



I see a delicate cherry blossom, known only to spring. It signifies both the brilliance and the swiftness of life and all its glory, for it comes and goes, so very quickly.

Beauty can be defined in so many different ways. For some of us it is in a face, in the sound of children’s laughter. For some it is home and the aroma of freshly baked cookies or the comfort of a roaring fire on a cold winter night. For some it is the exquisite line, where pain and ecstasy meet – the drop of blood,  the single tear shed for love.

Beauty is one of only many things that move us, that make us want to write or to articulate our emotions in other ways. To be able to elicit in others the emotion that comes from our deepest most precious place where we know things such as beauty is a gift. It’s one that I hope to practice and somehow, perfect.