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#JusJoJan 21/20 – The Scraggle

I’ll begin my post as always by saying thank you to our guest prompter for the day. Thank you Cheryl, for the word, “scraggly”! You can find Cheryl’s Just Jot it January post here. Go visit her and say hi, and give her a follow!

I spend most of my days a scraggly mess.

I remember going out to work,

Back when I didn’t have kids, but I did have shoes.

Back when I fit into clothes that looked like I hadn’t slept in them

… even when I had

because I could do that–I didn’t have kids.

But I did have a life.

Stockings. Remember stockings?

I do, barely. I remember I hated putting them on, and I hated the ones that always seemed to ride low in the crotch,

like you could never pull them up far enough

because if you did

you’d have to wear them over your bra.


The good old days.

Never scraggly,

no one to worry about but myself.


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