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315. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, July 12th, 5:00pm
Miriam, and Ursula


Miriam: I’ve GOT to tell you about this place I stayed on the weekend.

Ursula: Not good?

Miriam: Oh the place wasn’t bad. It was the shower. The water pressure! Way too much. You want the good news first or the bad news?

Ursula: Give me the bad news.

Miriam: (takes off her hat) It uprooted half the hair on my head.

Ursula: No! What’s the good news?

Miriam: It ironed out my wrinkles for about two hours.


Next stop: Friday, July 13th, 7:00pm

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312. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, July 9th, 5:00pm
Waylon and Zoey


Waylon sits at the window. Zoey takes the seat beside him.

Waylon: Hey, do you know your way around this town?

Zoey: Pretty much. I’ve lived here most of my life.

Waylon: I need directions. I’ve been every way but upwards, and I can’t seem to find any good restaurants.

Zoey: Oh, you’re going to wrong way. You need to get on the southbound bus.

Waylon: Great. I’ll do that on the morrow. I’ve already got breakfast lined up.

Zoey: So you’ll be looking for lunch then?

Waylon: Yep, and thanks to you, in all the right places.


Next stop: Tuesday, July 10th, 5:00pm

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#SoCS – ‘Sup?

Holy cow, is it really ten to twelve? Where did my Saturday go? I know I spent a lot of it proofreading my book, but there must have been bits in between, because I only got about a hundred pages done.

Most of that time I spent in the car with the windows down, enjoying the breeze off the lake. I did take a little walk when my eyes needed a break. I found this guy, standing on a rock.

If you can’t tell, it’s a heron. Compared to the ducks in the first picture, he’s a biggie.

Let’s see, what else did I do? Oh yeah. About an hour after I finished my McDonald’s coffee, I started to feel icky so I went to Tim Horton’s to pick up a bagel for supper. Then I took it back to the lake and ate it, sitting in the parking lot in my car, beside a Winnebago. Unfortunately I didn’t think of the joke until after I’d finished eating, otherwise I’d have taken a picture of myself beside the other vehicle whilst holding my food. I could have captioned it: Winnebago? No, I bought it.

Get it?

Yeah, it’s been a long day.

‘Sup with you?

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#SoCS – Cheers?

I’m so mad at myself. I’ve spent the whole day procrastinating. Problem is, I have too much to do. Strange how that works. So I wonder if I’ll get more done if I open a bottle of wine …

See, thing is, having too much to do makes me uptight. It makes me want to run away and do something I don’t have to worry about getting finished as much. I’m currently (supposed to be) writing two short stories, proofreading my next novel … OH! Did I tell you? I managed to get a really REALLY good deal on a black-and-white-print-only laser printer, and MAN, does it work well! I’ve been using it for various things for the past, like, six weeks or so, and yesterday I printed off my 366-page manuscript and I still have a half-full cartridge of ink … and it’s the one the printer came with! It’s practically already paid for itself! Oh, I’m so happy with it. It’s a Brother … if you’re interested, I can get you the model number.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. And I’ve also been procrastinating on getting this month’s colouring project done THAT HAS TO BE POSTED TOMORROW! Not going to get to admire this one at all. 😛 And I’ve been putting off writing this post because I didn’t want to open my bottle of wine too early.

But it’s not too early now, is it? Nope. Ten o’clock.


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300. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday, June 27th, 7:00pm
Rupert (and the rest of the passengers on the bus)


Rupert sits alone by the window. He stands and addresses the other passengers.

Rupert: And in closing, I’d like to thank my director, my producer, my mother, and all you little people who volunteered your time to further my cause. I can promise you all that the end of the world by means of worm infestation is no longer an issue, and you may all go on with your lives knowing that I, Rupert, have done my utmost to ensure your continued safety against zombies and aliens alike. A light dinner will be served in the cargo hold of this bus at 7:30pm. Thank you again, and good night.

The rest of the passengers on the bus applaud politely.


Next stop: Thursday, June 28th, 3:00pm

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One-Liner Wednesday – When messing it up gets it waaayy wrong

Here in Canada when we want to check the weather, we go to The Weather Network. I got my tongue twisted over it the other day and came out with The Nether Wetwork. Good for a giggle, but oh, the implications.

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298. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, June 25th, 4:00pm
Marty (and Zerg, the Undefeatable)


Marty sits at the window. Zerg, the Undefeatable takes the seat beside him.

Marty: Watch out.

Zerg, the Undefeatable: Sorry. This costume is a bit big.

Marty: A bit big? Man, couldn’t you have gotten changed when you got where ever it is you’re going?

Zerg, the Undefeatable: Not really. It took three hours to get into this thing.

Marty: Who are you supposed to be, anyways?

Zerg, the Undefeatable: I’m Zerg. The Undefeatable.

Marty kicks him in the shins.

Zerg, the Undefeatable: Ouch! What was that for?

Marty: Just checking.


Next stop: Tuesday, June 26th, 5:00pm

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