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I’ve never been one to have much affection for the things I own. Apart from old photos, I have very few things that can’t be replaced – and if I took the time to scan all those photos I could add those to the list of replaceable items as well. Yes, my laptop is valuable, but only inasmuch as what is on its hard drive. If I lost it but was able to retrieve everything off it, meh. I could buy another.

There is one thing however that I can’t replace. It’s the one thing that, if someone asked me, “If your house was on fire, what, other than your family would you save?” that would be it. It’s a CD. It’s not the music on it, nor is it the case which makes it my most prized possession. In the cover booklet there is a signature by the artist, that reads, “To Linda, with love…”

And I’ve misplaced it: the whole CD, case and booklet.

I’ve spent much of a very frustrating day searching, to no avail. Whilst doing so, I’ve tried convincing myself that it doesn’t matter if, somehow, it ended up in a bag that was put out for garbage without proper inspection. After all, I still have the memories of the event which led up to my having it autographed. That I went all the way to Japan, to a concert–never met the artist, but my booklet did–and came back home with this coveted piece of memorabilia in my hot little hands.

After all, what really matters? It’s only a piece of paper, albeit one that I’ll mourn the loss of, if it never turns up. But I can always hold the memory close to my heart.

I’ll keep trying to convince myself, anyway.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

39 thoughts on “Possessions

  1. I hope it turns up for you. There are many things in my home that are irreplaceable so I pray each day nothing happens.


  2. Everything I currently own would fit into an eighty-four quart igloo cooler and still leave room for a six-pack of Lone Star Long-necks. I have only one regret: I left all my old photos with my last wife. Pretty certain they provided kindling for her BBQ. Oh well…
    Hope you find that CD.


  3. I think some of the time we hold onto things because of what they represent – but when we gain / regain the original thing, be it a place, a memory or a skill – then we find that we don’t need it any more. That’s what I’ve found anyway. I used to freak out whenever I lost something, but now I think you can spend too many precious hours holding onto an item when what you really need is what represents. Sadly, some of the time you can’t get that back, in which case it is a truly beautiful thing to have an item to remember it by.


  4. I am not much of a religious person BUT when working in medical archives, and we may have misfiled a patient’s file…I would say a prayer to Saint Antoine…and let it go…within an hour or a day…it would turn up. In the meantime why not share with us the experience…if you want:) I can’t find an autography of Pierre Elliot Trudeau…but boy do I remember the chat we had in the cafe on de Maisonneuve Blvd. years ago….maybe I will find it too soon.


    • Wow! What a wonderful experience to look back on! I wonder what he’d say about the way his son is handling things these days. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for the suggestion. I might give that a try.


      • I actually met his son 4 years ago as our offices were in his riding and I wanted to bring in his dad’s autograph to have him sign too. I had just moved back to Montreal but most (99.9%) of my friends and colleagues are separatists…so I thought it best to keep that info private…lol Justin is as charming as his dad but handsome as his mom.


  5. Look in the last places you would expect to find it. You might give a yell to
    St. Anthony as well.


  6. Oh i hope you find it. Stop looking for it and it will turn up, that’s what always happens to me ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    On a side note, I was just having a discussion about this sort of thing with the hubby. He was watching a concert on TV and he was annoyed everyone in the crowd had their phones and cameras out. He believes in going to the concert and watching it with your own eyes and having those memories with you for life. I agreed, but i said I would snap a few photos to have as keepsake but i wouldn’t watch the whole concert through a lens like alot of people in the crowd were doing. It makes you think with today’s tech how much people miss because they are trying to “get the perfect shot”.

    Which reminds me of another short happening. We had a earth quake here in NY, small one. But, the house was shaking and we thought the house was going to collapse. I grabbed the bag of medicine and paperwork to run outside with it until we figured out what was going on. The hubby was grabbing his collection of DVDS and video games in a binder and he literally paused in running down the stairs and asked me if I wanted him to grab my Harry Potter Movie Collection as well. Lol.


    • You make a good point about paying real attention to what should be a fantastic memory. Sharing media has become so commonplace that it’s taking over people’s lives – to their detriment. Can you imagine saying to someone in five years, I went to a concert but I missed it… and I lost the file too. Sad.

      Tell your hubby to get the hell out of the house next time! DVDs can be replaced – lives can’t! ๐Ÿ˜› Yeah, okay, it probably wasn’t a life and death situation, but hey…

      I’ll stop looking for it. You’re probably right. Thanks for the comment! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • That is what my son told me last Fall on a road trip in the Eastern Townships. Don’t take a photo, Mom. I want to remember this and come back some time again but if you take a photo, I may not come back.


  7. Hope you find it. Things seem to turn up when you’re not looking for them.


  8. I hope it turns up! Years ago, when we moved to Georgia, I realized I lost my Christmas tree ornaments from when I was a child. I really don’t think about it anymore, apart from The Tin Man. I sure do miss him. Like you, I fear the box was thrown out by accident.
    I am completely opposite you, by the way — most everything I own is an heirloom or a gift, and while I know I’d take my cell, my laptop and my grandmother’s painting, I would mourn the loss of so many things.


    • It’s really awful, losing something of sentimental value. There have been a few things I’ve lost over the years, but for the most part I try not to get attached to things – then again, I have very few things that are older than I am.
      Thanks Joey. I hope it turns up too.


  9. That is a tough one. It will probably turn up when you’re looking for something completely different. I still mourn the loss of an autographed photo of the Beatles procured by my father at the height of their fame. I think it fell down a gap behind the mantelpiece it rested on and was left behind when we moved house.


  10. I feel sure, you will find it in a place, where you did not expect it.


  11. I hope you find it Linda, it will probably be in the one place you would never expect.


  12. It will always be with you. No matter where it is.


  13. You can just try to retrace your steps, something that valuable just doesn’t end up in the trash. Which band was it? I hope you find it soon.


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