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Welcome to Back Hair Advocate!

Hey! A new lit mag is looking for humorous submissions! Go check it out! Bring your funny bone – and your humerus too!

Back Hair Advocate

Hi there,

Back Hair Advocate is a new humor (web) lit mag. It was started after our team of editors (there is no team) realized that there are a dearth of opportunities for writing funny out there.

Back Hair Advocate would like to fill that dearth with your brilliance. We are looking for poems, flash fiction, cartoons, nonfiction pieces and short stories. All of them must have two things in common: they have to be funny and well-written.

The individual behind this new lit mag is IanStarttoday. His work is forthcoming or has been published in a number of fine publications you probably haven’t heard of. They include Eunoia Review,, Foliate Oak Lit Mag, Asinine Poetry, and Miracle E-zine. He also boasts rejections by many other publications that probably didn’t deserve to feature his genius anyway. :)

He is not above utilizing smiley faces to express emotions and feelings.


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Strange Occurrences and Other Sunday Randomness

I went with my mother and Alex to a small diner down the street today for lunch. The place was pretty busy, but nothing out of the ordinary. It seemed by the way they were dressed that most of the crowd had come from church.

So we sat there, minding our own business–my mom and I both had a toasted western each and Alex ate five noodles out of his dish of mac and cheese. We finished our lunch and the waitress came over to ask if there was anything else. I said no, just the bill please. You can imagine my shock when she said, “It’s okay, it’s taken care of.”

“Wwwhy?” I asked, totally stunned.

“The lady at the next table,” she pointed to the recently vacated table behind us, “paid half your bill and I took care of the other half.”

My mom and both said thank you, to which she replied, “No problem,” and walked away.

I left a five dollar tip.

What the hell? I have no idea who the lady was who sat at the other table. She didn’t even smile at me when she left, and I looked right at her. But the waitress too?

I don’t know whether to feel grateful or pathetic because I haven’t washed my hair in two days and wasn’t wearing my Sunday best.

Weird, or what?