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You Can


You can

There are worse things in the world than getting motivation from a fortune cookie, I suppose. But then, I think I can win the lottery. Will I? I guess I can if I buy a ticket.

While the statement on this tiny slip of paper is true, to a certain extent, it’s vague at best. Where is the trying? What do we get out of life if we just sit and imagine we can, without making an attempt? We get nothing, most of the time.

Case in point: I think I can make something out of this post. Am I giving it a half-hearted effort? Yes. Was I motivated by the piece of paper I found in a fortune cookie? Yes.

All this to say that, just because you think you can, doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at it. And there’s my de-motivational post for the day.

Chew on it.

Okay, but seriously. To be creative–to create something out of my own mind that is brand new–I have to be in the right frame of mind. No amount of external motivation is going to change that. It may help, but in the end nothing is going to inspire me quite like, well, me. When that spark fires in my brain that tells me I have something to write about, or I fall on something I’m passionate about, it’s like I’m a ball of energy, rolling down a hill, unable to stop. I can zing through a paragraph as though I was propelled by an elastic band, my fingers flying around the keyboard, unable to keep up with my brain. That’s when I would say to myself, “Yes I can!” except that I’m too busy creating to think such a thing.

So is the fortune cookie wrong? Personally, I think it’s possible to think too much.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

24 thoughts on “You Can

  1. Almost all of the posts I begin, I hate, but more and more I get past that initial hate, and grow more and more confident, that the post will end up not sucking (much). For me, it is all about that first keystroke. After I get past that, life is gravy. Bacon Gravy. On biscuits. Cheap biscuits. The kind you bang on the counter before cooking…


  2. Inspiration can be found in the darndest places. If it is a fortune cookie then so be it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Sometimes, I just need to breathe for a while, then after I’m restored, I can begin again. But I like the idea of a demotivating speech. Sometimes, I don’t need to be pushed. I need to take a few minutes (or hours) to regroup. Time spent without accomplishments or goals is only a problem if it becomes a habit. Not the case with you at all. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I think I can jump onto a moving train. But, can I? Probably not and I’d rather not risk it. In that case, I think the cookie is lying to us. As far as writing goes, you’ve already got this down. So, yes you can!


  5. A ball of energy that cannot stop …. I sure know that feeling and when it happens it is just great, so you have to go for it without stopping in case you interrupt the flow – I love it! (fortune cookies n’ all)


  6. Sometimes it is good just to sit, look inside ourselves, empty the mind and feel the silence. A great feeling.


  7. You’re a stronger person than me, that you are motivated most by you. I’m motivated most by boobs. There’s something about trying to convince a woman she wants to be naked with me that just lights a fire under my writing butt. Mind you, I’m writing a 100,000 word novel for her, so it’s not like, “I’m spreading my seed and moving on,” I want a continuous investment. I plan on plowing that field for a long time to come. Or forever. Preferably forever. But yep, nothing motivates like boobs. Or pretty eyes, nice hair, beautiful face…. You get the idea.


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