Life in progress


My Element

Earth, air, fire and water. Of the four I’ve always been most drawn to water, though according to my zodiac sign I should be more of an air person.

I love being near water, and living near it as well, though not too close. I’ve seen what floods can do and I’m far too practical to want to risk having my belongings ruined by one. I do have a natural spring running through my basement, however. Come over on laundry day and you’ll see me filling up my washing machine with a bucket of non-stop drinkable H20.

But this:

DSC00183this I could sit beside all day. Water like glass, I can imagine myself walking across it, skimming like a bird catching a fish just below the surface. I love the way things reflect upon it, ever-changing and yet it accepts whatever is put before it.

I love the way it smells, and the way the breeze rushes over it to the shore. I want to be floating upon it in a boat – any size boat, though my favourite is a canoe.

I want to read beside it, to write beside it, or to walk beside it.

I’m happy to be living close to the water; just close enough to visit any time.