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I’m writing this as I sit in a state of shock. The numbness – the suspension of disbelief – I feel when I find out that suddenly someone I grew up “knowing” has died, is incomparable to anything else. It’s not as though I actually knew the man. Yet he was part of my life. The kind of guy you figure will be around forever.

Stars are immortal, and yet they’re not.

Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

Nanoo nanoo.


The Anti-Bully

Every parent needs to read this touching story. Seriously, please read this. Be sure to comment on Joey’s site.
Thank you so much, Joey, for sharing this.


Years ago, when the girls were in first and second grade, we sat in the food court of the PX (Post Exchange) and Sassy said she wanted to go get a drink refill, but she wanted to wait til this other kid wasn’t over there. I asked her why she didn’t want to be around him, and she told me, “That’s Eric. No one likes him.”
“Why not?”
“Cause he’s so weird. He’s always roaming around the classroom, talkin to himself. He wears these patch things on his arm and they’re supposed to help him sit down and be quiet, but they don’t work.”


How I felt was monumentally affected. Sad for Eric is an understatement. Sad for his parents, too. Grievous might be the better word.
“Sassy. That could be a little version of your brother over there. He had the same troubles as Eric, only he didn’t roam…

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