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One-Liner Wednesday – YOLO


You only live once – make the most of it.


Anyone who would like to try it out, feel free to use the “One-Liner Wednesday” title in your post, and if you do, you can ping back here to help your blog get more exposure. To execute a ping back, just copy the URL in the address bar on this post and paste it somewhere in the body of your post. Your link will show up in the comments below.

As with Stream of Consciousness Saturday, if you see a ping back from someone else in my comment section, click and have a read. It’s bound to be short and sweet.

The rules that I’ve made for myself (but don’t always follow) for “One-Liner Wednesday” are:

1. Make it one sentence.

2. Make it either funny or inspirational.

Have fun!

Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

36 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – YOLO

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  4. That was beautiful Linda. Thank you for sharing. Happy new year. 😃🎉💗



    I follow JoAnne’s blog and she was trying out One-Liner Wednesday, but didn’t put in a pingback, so I thought I’d copy her link here and leave her a comment on putting in a pingbacks next time.


  6. True statement! Happy New Year, Linda !


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  8. Happy New Year Linda! Hugs from Alaska.


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  10. Happy New Year – 9:25 PM in Miami


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  22. Great post! I even found another song about it!

    Liked by 1 person

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  24. I love the idea of One Liner Wednesday. I love the quote, although I feel some take it too literal. 🙂


  25. I love this quote and you’re right. Life is a gift and we should take advantage of that.

    Liked by 1 person

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