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Daily Post – Surreality


The Daily Post today asks, “What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?”

It was October, 2005. I was in Hiroshima, in the restaurant on the top floor of a highrise hotel, having dinner. They sat me at a corner table, with a corner window that faced the night-lit city. Being that the hotel is on the water, the road stretched out, away from the hotel – I could see for miles.

My dinner companions, as they had been throughout my trip, were my pad and pen. I no longer have the pad, but I remember writing how I felt – the awe-inspiring enormity of being completely alone, thousands of miles away from everyone and everything I knew. Not a soul in the world who could recognize me and know my name knew where I was at that moment. When the waitress approached my table she bowed, placed a cushion on the floor and knelt to take my order. It was the same when she brought the food and cleared the table – bowing deeply before she knelt and when she stood. So so foreign.

Being completely alone, I discovered, is a surreal experience. With no responsibility to anyone but myself and the world – what felt like the entire world – stretched out before me, I was simultaneously a speck on the face of the earth and an entire universe in and of myself. I don’t remember if the fact that I looked out over a city that was once wiped out, turned to rubble, its innocent population murdered in a single explosion of proportions larger than any of us alive can imagine had anything to do with my perception of surreality that night, but I suspect it did.

But I was there. The place I’ve read of in the history books. Hiroshima, Japan. Anything could have happened there.


from the restaurant, Grand Prince Hotel, Hiroshima

From the restaurant, Grand Prince Hotel, Hiroshima

From the restaurant, Grand Prince Hotel, Hiroshima

From the restaurant, Grand Prince Hotel, Hiroshima


The A-Bomb Dome, 2005

The A-Bomb Dome, 2005

Sunrise, from my room

Sunrise, from my room

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6 thoughts on “Daily Post – Surreality

  1. Yes deep and meaningful!


  2. So cool Linda.


  3. I love those moments. When you’re so alone, when you’re so entirely isolated, that it’s hard to actually feel isolated. At least that’s how it goes for me. However, I don’t get those opportunities often, nor for long stretches, as it’d likely end up with me streaking. Or something equally horrifying. Cool post.


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